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gina.vim : Asynchronously control git repositories in Neovim/Vim 8

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Alisue Lambda
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*gina.vim* (gina) is a plugin to asynchronously control git repositories.

- Execute a git command asynchronously (|job|)
- List candidates of a result of a git command
- Perform actions on candidates above to control a git repository

Latest version:~

Basically user would

1. Edit contents in a git repository
2. Stage changes with |:Gina-status|
   - "<<" to stage
   - ">>" to unstage
   - etc.
3. Commit changes with |:Gina-commit|
   - |:w| to save message into a cache
   - |:q| to commit changes (user will be asked if they want)
   - |:wq| to commit changes (immediately the commit will be performed)
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
gina-v0.2.1.zip v0.2.1 2017-03-04 8.0 Alisue Lambda - Bug fixes
  - Fix commit issue on a newly checked out repository
  - Fix tabpage issue of Vim.Buffer.Group module
  - Fix 'modeline' issue on several commands
  - Fix colorscheme issue for highlights
  - Fix no action error
- Improve actions
  - Add mods support
  - Add mark features to mark candidates prior to the actions
  - Add "show:commit" action to show a commit rather than a content
  - Add "xxx:split/vsplit"
  - Move "xxx:above/below/..." to aliases
  - Do NOT repeat action by mappings
  - Do NOT restore selections after repeat
  - Do NOT alias choice/repeat
- Fix Gina show
  - Enable --line/--col only when {path} has specified
- Fix Gina log
  - Allow "Gina log v0.1.0..." to show log from v0.1.0 to HEAD
- Guess --line/--col from the current buffer if possible
- Add Gina blame
gina-0.1.0.zip v0.1.0 2017-02-24 8.0 Alisue Lambda Initial upload
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