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mbed-vim : Execute mbed CLI commands without exiting Vim!

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created by
Nabil Elqatib
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Github repository: https://github.com/nelqatib/mbed-vim

This file contains routines that may be used to execute mbed CLI commands
from within VIM. It depends on mbed OS. Therefore,
you must have mbed CLI correctly installed
(see https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-cli#installation).

In command mode:
  <leader>c:   Compile the current application
  <leader>C:  Clean the build directory and compile the current application
  <leader>cf:  Compile and flash the built firmware onto a connected target
  <leader>cv: Compile the current application in verbose mode
  <leader>cV: Compile the current application in very verbose mode
  <leader>n:   Create a new mbed program or library
  <leader>s:   Synchronize all library and dependency references
  <leader>t:    Find, build and run tests
  <leader>d:   Import missing dependencies
  <leader>a:   Prompt for an mbed library to add
  <leader>r:    Prompt for an mbed library to remove
  <leader>l:    Display dependency tree
  <F9>:           Close the error buffer (when open)
  <F11>:         Set the current application\\'s target and toolchain

  Add <library_name> --       Add the specified library. When no argument is given,
                            you are prompted for the name of the library
  Remove <library_name> --    Remove the specified library. When no argument is given,
                            you are prompted for the name of the library
  SetToolchain <toolchain> -- Set a toolchain (ARM, GCC_ARM, IAR)
  SetTarget <target> --       Set a target

Additionally, you can specify the values of these variables in your vim
configuration file, to suit this plugin to your needs (in case you always
use the same mbed target/toolchain):
  g:mbed_target --      The name of your target. mbed CLI doesn\\'t check that your
                        target name is correct, so make sure you don\\'t misspell it.
  g:mbed_toolchain --   The name of the used toolchain (ARM, GCC_ARM, IAR).

Additional notes:
  When you execute an unsuccessful "compile" command an "error buffer" is open
  at the left of the current Vim window (otherwise a message is echoed when
  the compilation was successful). This buffer is a scratch and can\\'t be
  saved. You can re-compile your program with this buffer still open, it
  will refresh with the new output reloaded, and no additional buffer
  is opened. You can close this buffer with <F9>.
install details
Copy the mbed.vim script to your $HOME/.vim/plugin directory to install it. This operation can be done easiy by executing the following command in a terminal:
$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nelqatib/mbed-vim/master/plugin/mbed.vim -O ~/.vim/plugin/mbed.vim

Make sure you have properly installed mbed CLI before using this plugin.

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mbed.vim 0.2 2017-08-17 7.0 Nabil Elqatib Minor bug fixes, new mappings
mbed.vim 0.1 2017-08-10 7.0 Nabil Elqatib Initial upload
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