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mkdx.vim : Adds useful mappings for working with markdown files

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Sidney Liebrand
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This is a mirror of https://github.com/SidOfc/mkdx. The version there will always be up-to-date.

mkdx.vim is a markdown plugin that aims to reduce the time you spend formatting your markdown documents. It does this by adding some configurable mappings for files with a markdown filetype. Functions are included to handle lists, checkboxes (even lists of checkboxes!), fenced code blocks, shortcuts, headers and links. In addition to that, this plugin provides a mapping to convert a selection of CSV data to a markdown table. and well, lots more even! Visit :h mkdx or :h mkdx-helptags for more information.
install details
Plugin installation is possible using a package manager like Vundle (https://github.com/VundleVim/Vundle.vim) or Pathogen (https://github.com/tpope/vim-pathogen).
If you're downloading the ZIP, I'm just going to assume you know what you're doing and that it is exactly what you want to do, 21st century installation is always an option to fall back to :)
IMPORTANT: Github is updated more frequently, therefore I highly recommend using a package manager instead of doing a manual install, you could be missing some patches otherwise.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
mkdx-0.9.0.zip 0.9.0 2018-01-28 7.0 Sidney Liebrand - Fix `mkdx#HeaderToQF` wrong function ref.
- Fix `g:mkdx#settings.enter.enable` and `g:mkdx#settings.enter.shifto` can be disabled during runtime.
- Fix insert mode "\~\~\~" and "\`\`\`" recursion.
- Add support for [toggling \<kbd /> shortcuts](#toggling-kbd--shortcuts) in normal and visual mode.
mkdx-0.8.0.zip 0.8.0 2018-01-21 7.0 Sidney Liebrand - Fix some issues with `mkdx#WrapLink`.
- `mkdx#WrapLink` handles selections that include newline character correctly.
- Headers can now also be toggled on / off using `mkdx#ToggleHeader`.
- When deleting a list item anywhere in the list, following list items are decremented by 1.
- Added more tests for
    - decrementing list items
    - promoting / demoting headers
    - Wrapping links and images
mkdx-0.7.1.zip 0.7.1 2018-01-13 7.0 Sidney Liebrand Adds shift-o support alongside regular o and enter in insert mode. when pressing shift-o in the middle of a list, an item will be inserted above the current line and the cursor will be moved there.
mkdx-0.7.0.zip 0.7.0 2018-01-13 7.0 Sidney Liebrand Adds menu support if it is available to the installed vim. menu will be displayed in the top bar in gvim/macvim and can be accessed through :menu Plugin.mkdx from terminal vims that support it.
mkdx-0.6.1.zip 0.6.1 2018-01-10 7.0 Sidney Liebrand Fixes space prepended when wrapping the only word on a line in a link
mkdx-0.6.0.zip 0.6.0 2018-01-07 7.0 Sidney Liebrand Adds opt-in highlighting for different checkbox states. See GH README for gifs. or :h mkdx-highlighting within Vim for more information.
mkdx-0.5.0.zip 0.5.0 2018-01-06 7.0 Sidney Liebrand Added feature to open the quickfix list containing all markdown headers in the current file.
mkdx- 2018-01-05 7.0 Sidney Liebrand HOTFIX: EnterHandler not inserting enters in some cases (prepends a "0" to the current line instead)
mkdx-0.4.3.zip 0.4.3 2018-01-01 7.0 Sidney Liebrand Complete rewrite of mkdx#EnterHandler.
Task lists are updated when an item is removed (pressing enter twice at the end of an existing list item).
Better updating / inserting of regular lines of checkboxes.
Happy new year too, everyone :)
mkdx-0.4.2.zip 0.4.2 2017-12-31 7.0 Sidney Liebrand Fixes issue where enter would be offset by 1 character horizontally.
In addition to completing list items, quotes and checklist items, pressing enter after a checkbox task will now add a checkbox on the new line as well :)
Major settings refactor that maintains backward compatibility. See :h mkdx-var-settings for more information.
mkdx-0.4.1.zip 0.4.1 2017-12-30 7.0 Sidney Liebrand Adds better support for toggling from and to specific types of lines such as checkboxes, checklists and lists.
RENAMED: mkdx#ToggleCheckbox to mkdx#ToggleCheckboxState.
mkdx-0.4.0.zip 0.4.0 2017-12-24 7.0 Sidney Liebrand This version adds support for toggling between regular lines and list/checkbox/checklist lines.
It also fixes an issue where pressing ENTER at the start of a line would actually execute ENTER after the first character (thus leaving a character "hanging").
When updating the table of contents, the cursor position is correctly restored to its original position.
mkdx-0.3.0.zip 0.3.0 2017-12-18 7.0 Sidney Liebrand Add support for wrapping text in bold, italic, strikethrough and inline-code in normal and visual mode.
Fixes a bug where wrapping link at end of line would not respect spacing.
mkdx-0.2.0.zip 0.2.0 2017-12-08 7.0 Sidney Liebrand Add support for wrapping images in image links and pressing <Enter> in a tasklist now updates the tasklist after adding a new empty task.
mkdx-0.1.8.zip 0.1.8 2017-12-06 7.0 Sidney Liebrand This version provides better support for malformed indentation when updating checkboxes in nested lists.
mkdx-0.1.7.zip 0.1.7 2017-12-03 7.0 Sidney Liebrand This version adds support for updating parent and child checklist items in markdown lists.
mkdx-0.0.7.zip 0.0.7 2017-11-25 7.0 Sidney Liebrand This version adds support for checkboxes in list items. When a checkbox is detected on the line where <enter> was pressed, an empty checkbox will be inserted in the new empty line.
mkdx-0.0.6.zip 0.0.6 2017-11-25 7.0 Sidney Liebrand Initial upload
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