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match-up : even better %, navigate & highlight matching word, modern matchit replacement

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created by
andy massimino
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The current version of this plugin is always available from:


match-up is a plugin that lets you visualize, navigate, and operate on
sets of matching text.  The plugin:

- Extends vim's % motion to language-specific words instead of just single
  characters.  The words depend on the specific filetype plugin.  The
  following built-in vim filetype plugins currently provide support for

    abaqus, ada, aspvbs, c, clojure, cobol, config, context, csc, csh, dtd,
    dtrace, eiffel, eruby, falcon, fortran, framescript, haml, hamster, hog,
    html, ishd, j, jsp, kconfig, liquid, lua, make, matlab, mf, mp, ocaml,
    pascal, pdf, perl, php, plaintex, postscr, ruby, sh, spec, sql, tex, vb,
    verilog, vhdl, vim, xhtml, xml, zimbu, zsh

- Highlights symbols and words under the cursor along with their matches.

- Displays off-screen matches in the status-line.

- Adds motions g%, [%, ]%, and z%.

- Provides analogous text objects i% and a%.

match-up is a replacement for the venerable vim plugin matchit.  match-up
replicates all of matchit's features, fixes a number of its deficiencies
and bugs, and adds a few totally new features.  It also replaces the
standard plugin matchparen, allowing all of matchit's words to be
highlighted along with the 'matchpairs' symbols such as (), {}, and [].
install details
The preferred method of installation is to use vim-plug or another plugin
manager to ensure you always have the most up-to-date version of match-up.

    Plug 'andymass/vim-matchup'

Alternatively, download and extract the package and install manually using any
standard vim way.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
match-up.zip 0.1 2017-11-30 7.4 andy massimino Initial upload
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