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Searched scripts for "xml" Showing 21 to 40 of 133 results
Script Type Rating Down
noctu.vim color scheme 14 854 16-color terminal color scheme
Erroneous utility 4 557 The right way to handle errors
basicXmlParser utility 0 444 Create object trees and save them as xml, or create trees from xml files.
vimExplorer utility 8 1970 File manager. Explore directories quickly and operate on files.
gruvbox color scheme 408 1307 Retro groove color scheme for Vim
adt.vim utility 50 1824 android development utility in VIM
webBrowser utility 16 1565 Use vim as a web browser
Makeshift utility 14 1578 Selects the right 'makeprg' for your build system
harlequin color scheme 60 2334 Dark, high contrast, warm colorscheme for gvim and 256 color terminal
FileTags utility 0 209 Easily locate previously-used files, directories and URLs
Briofita color scheme 30 2475 dark, colorful, highly customized scheme for gvim and 256-color terminals
maven-ide utility 15 736 maven-ide plugin
Vitra utility 17 740 Trac UI for vim
evervim utility 35 1038 Edit evernote on vim.
WebAPI.vim utility 21 1253 vimscript for gist
TextTransform utility 17 1009 Create text transformation mappings and commands.
html-xml-tag-matcher utility -1 256 Matches closing tag of an opening xml or html tag by scanning the document
google_prettify.vim color scheme 26 1165 a color scheme mimicking google-code-prettify
textgenshi.vim syntax 4 366 Syntax Highlighting for Genshi Text Templates
sgmlendtag ftplugin 5 482 Auto completion of sgml (html, xml, etc) end tags.
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