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Script Type Rating Down
ZFVimIndentMove utility 4 57 move cursor quickly accorrding to indent
ZFVimTxtHighlight syntax 0 64 highlight plain text files, suit most cases
change-case.vim utility 7 121 Operator to change case (camelCase, snake_case, UPPER CASE etc.) of text
LiterateVimrc utility 4 113 Plugin for creating
CompleteParameter utility 24 283 complete parameter after select the completion.
Absolute color scheme 2 255 Light Colorscheme
WWDC17 color scheme 0 211 Colorful light color scheme inspired by WWDC17 page
golint-fixer.vim ftplugin 1 54 A vim tool for fix goling warnings, which generate by vim-go or ale.
yankee utility 0 69 minimal plugin to make yanking more fun
vim-prettier utility 68 598 A vim plugin wrapper for prettier
remaining-todos utility 1 43 There are remaining TODOs in this file!
quickEditTab utility 0 52 A new command to open files in the same or another tab.
botlang-syntax syntax 8 52 Botlang support for vim
vim-transit utility 0 56 Translates a given text from source language to target language via Google Trans
bal.vim syntax 0 53 Provides ballerina support to vim, when coupled with the bal ft script.
tiny-todo utility 0 100 A simple todo list.
rst-robotframework-syntax-vim syntax 0 72 Extends RST syntax to highlight Robot Framework code snippets
opensips.vim syntax 12 58 Syntax highlighting for OpenSIPS script
vim-game-snake game 0 94 snake game
bal.vim ftplugin 1 51 Provides ballerina support to vim, when coupled with the bal syntax plugin.
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