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Script Type Rating Down
textfilter utility 0 25 Several useful text filters.
jbuilder.vim syntax 0 10 Jbuilder syntax hilighting
Pickachu utility 0 8 Color, date, and file picker for Vim using Zenity
cmod.vim syntax 4 19 Cmod syntax colouring (Pike development)
If I Only... utility 0 11 An only slightly smarter :only
twiggy utility 0 12 Git branch management
autodoc.vim syntax 2 41 Autodoc syntax colouring
pike.vim syntax 5 36 New and improved Pike syntax colouring
Hearts of Iron Syntax syntax 1 21 Add syntax highlight for Hearts of Iron files
debugstring utility 5 18 Debug printf()-style at the speed of light
readline.vim utility 1 44 Readline-style bindings for command mode
DumpX utility 1 45 Disassemble C/C++ code
place.vim utility 3 29 Enter characters without moving
vim-terminal utility 1 42 A Vim plugin that opens an interactive terminal in a buffer for running programs
rainbow_levels.vim indent 6 74 A different approach to code highlighting.
bioSyntax syntax 0 27 Syntax Highlighting for Computational Biology
i3config.vim syntax 0 25 Vim syntax highlighting for i3 config
Libertine color scheme 1 138 A complex mix of seven strong bodied colors with citrus flavors and pine notes
Github.vim utility 4 49 Another github v3 api implemented in vim script
match-up utility 6 29 even better %, navigate & highlight matching word, modern matchit replacement
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