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Script Type Rating Down
pipe-mysql.vim utility 0 11 MySQL Client for Vim (easy-to-use / hassle-free configuration)
progress.vim syntax 0 31 Update - taking over as maintainer
vim3diff utility 2 37 3 way diff
vim-js-pretty-template ftplugin 0 26 highlights JavaScript's Template Strings in other FileType syntax rule
ctrlp-locate utility 0 43 locate and open it via ctrlp.vim!
Ferret utility 0 58 Enhanced multi-file search for Vim
airline-colornum utility 5 46 Cursor line number color = Airline mode color
vim-gurl utility 5 19 Grabs link to Github / Gitlab remote repository for current file & line range
vim-clipper utility 0 30 Clipper integration for Vim
Terminus utility 5 74 Enhanced terminal integration for Vim
Loupe utility 1 36 Enhanced in-file search for Vim
vim-qlist utility 0 21 Persist the results of :ilist and related commands via the quickfix list.
vim-AHKcomplete ftplugin 0 24 Omnicomplete for autohotkey script.
vim-on-write utility 0 30 Easily register commands executed when the current buffer or a given files match
vim-qf utility 0 68 Tame the quickfix window.
autoSolarize utility 0 37 Automatically switches between light and dark background for solarized
confirm-quit utility 0 24 Ask for confirmation before quitting Vim
complete-email utility 0 20 Allow completion of email addresses
undofile_warn.vim utility 0 25 Warn when using the undofile.
auto_autoread.vim utility 4 27 Automatically read files when they've changed. Does what 'autoread' promises.
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