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Script Type Rating Down
python.vim syntax 1914 120993 Enhanced version of the python syntax highlighting script
JavaScript syntax syntax 1571 39377 Better JavaScrirpt syntax support
verilog_systemverilog.vim syntax 1073 13495 Extending Verilog syntax highlighting for SystemVerilog
php.vim syntax 798 50849 PHP Syntax
actionscript.vim syntax 745 13664 ActionScript 3.0 syntax file
nginx.vim syntax 721 30974 initial version
django.vim syntax 705 13134 Syntax highlighting for Django templates
Puppet Syntax Highlighting syntax 701 5390 Syntax Highlighting for Puppet (Conf Mang.)
css_color.vim syntax 700 14350 CSS color preview
pf.vim syntax 648 5520 OpenBSD pf.conf (packet filter configuration)
gtk-vim-syntax syntax 581 9656 Syntax highlighting for GLib, Gtk+, Xlib, Gimp, Gstreamer, and more.
Windows PowerShell Syntax Plugin syntax 576 17460 Syntax coloring, indenting and filetype detection for Windows PowerShell
Engspchk syntax 516 36140 Spelling checker: On-the-fly spell checking, multi-language, alternate spellings
pig.vim syntax 390 4820 Pig language syntax highlighting
syntax/conkyrc.vim syntax 346 9928 Conky conkyrc syntax highlighting
eruby.vim syntax 324 7590 Highlight eruby code blocks within html.
jpythonfold.vim syntax 318 4500 A better python fold script
pt.vim.gz syntax 313 1696 Syntax file for Synopsys PrimeTime tcl
AnsiEsc.vim syntax 295 10551 ansi escape sequences concealed, but highlighted as specified (conceal)
jQuery syntax 295 17931 Syntax file for jQuery
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