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Script Type Rating Down
Source Explorer (SrcExpl) utility 1370 21740 the Source code Explorer which works like the context window of "Source Insight"
exVim utility 780 5248 Turn Vim better than IDE!
sessionman.vim utility 355 6466 Vim session manager
CCTree ftplugin 330 12490 C Call-Tree Explorer -- Cscope based source-code browser; code flow analyzer
SourceCodeObedience ftplugin 248 5612 Browse source code easily with cscope, ctags and marks system
cscope_macros.vim utility 145 6497 basic cscope settings and key mappings
autoload_cscope.vim utility 141 5979 Script that will search for and load cscope.out databases automatically
cscope quickfix utility 121 2885 enables to use cscope with quickfix.
VimLite utility 113 5161 Make vim as a C/C++ IDE inspired by CodeLite.
fly.vim utility 80 1183 An integrated code development environment (incl. Cscope, Web Search, Man Pages)
AsyncCommand utility 74 2186 Execute commands and have them send their result to vim when they complete
cscope wrapper utility 57 1575 make gvim(WIN32) + cscope(Cygwin) work together
videm utility 53 2681 Vim's IDE Mode
cscope.vim utility 40 2061 create/update/connect cscope database smartly.
woc utility 36 849 A vim WoC browser. It enables hyperlinks for sources and ASCII texts.
autotags utility 30 595 vim plugin for easy ctags and cscope handling in a separate directory
cecscope utility 26 3158 command and menu driven cscope interface
ccvext.vim ftplugin 21 1635 More convenience way to use ctags and cscope in vim
JumpInCode ftplugin 20 736 more convenice way to use ctags and cscope in vim
renamec.vim utility 17 724 Renaming refactoring for C symbols using cscope
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