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Script Type Rating Down
Scalpel utility 0 7 Fast within-file word replacement for Vim
Syntax match utility 0 9 Saving syntax match rules to be loaded next time
cpp-devel ftplugin 0 56 Vim C++ development; This vim script (adopted from kde-devel-vim).
vim-alias utility 0 54 versatile vim-command line aliases
you-debug-it utility 0 26 Vim plugin that helps to control debug code
vim-shebang ftplugin 4 26 Better filetype detection by the she·bang line at file
vim-hdl utility 0 22 Vim plugin to aid VHDL development
pgsql ftplugin 0 25 The best PostgreSQL plugin for Vim!
md_insert_equation.vim ftplugin 0 33 Easily generate link to image of equation in markdown file
vim-header utility 1 41 Easily Adds Brief Author Info and License Headers
thesaurus_query.vim utility 9 188 Thesaurus Query and Replacement plugin
vim-checksum utility 0 49 Plugin to cryptographically checksum files
unite-gitlog utility 0 46 A unite source for git log
easygit utility 5 49 A git wrapper focus on simplily and usability
oldfilesearch.vim utility 0 44 search the :oldfiles list and edit one file
DuoTones Dark color scheme 7 135 DuoTone themes use only 2 hues, this leads to a more calm color scheme
Esper programming language syntax syntax 12 49 Basic syntax highlighting
vim-unite-cscope utility 0 81 Use cscope within vim
vim-do utility 4 67 Run shell commands asynchronously and show the output in Vim when they finish
vim-stata ftplugin 14 61 Vim Plugin for Running Selected Do-File in Stata
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