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Script Type Rating Down
ViewMaps utility 0 27 Lightweight plugin for viewing mappings from vimrc
Replay utility 0 40 Convenient re-run of last recorded Vim macro
gnugo.vim game 4 32 Play a game of Go in your text editor, using GnuGo
vim-codequery utility 0 30 An asynchronous code searcher
Install a Plugin in Vim ftplugin 1 33 symlinks don\\'t overwrite existing files, uninstall only deletes symlinks
Buffy.vim utility 0 58 Switch between buffers with a handy menu
git-switcher.vim utility 4 134 Session management based on git branch.
ctrlp-obsession utility 1 67 A super simple session-navigator using obsession / prosession
asyncrun utility 198 446 Run Async Shell Commands in Vim 8.0 and Output to Quickfix in Realtime
wildignore.vim utility 0 169 A simple plugin that reads wildignore patterns from a file
gtm-plugin.vim utility 2 198 Simple, seamless, lightweight time tracking for all your git projects
vim-tf2 syntax 0 116 TF2 .cfg syntax highlighting. https://github.com/au/vim-tf2
radical.vim utility 4 115 Convert decimal, hex, octal, binary number representations
vim-gencode-cpp ftplugin 2 162 auto generate c++ function definition or declaration
Cheat40 utility 10 248 A cheat sheet that makes sense, inside Vim!
ember_tools.vim utility 4 139 Tools for working with ember.js projects
tabulous ftplugin 0 214 Lightweight Vim plugin to enhance the tabline including numbered tab page labels
vim eslint syntax 14 98 eslint
vim-logreview utility 0 111 plugin to help log reviews and navigation
vim-freemarker ftplugin 0 118 Freemarker syntax and functions
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