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Script Type Rating Down
AtelierSulphurpool color scheme 4 9 Sulphurpool is a purplish colorscheme
vim-uncrustify utility 3 13 Helper to call uncrustify in vim.
ColumnTags utility 0 14 Navigate your tags in column-view
todo-txt.vim ftplugin 1 21 Vim plugin for Todo.txt
vim-compile ftplugin 0 15 Yet another compile plugin for vim
vim-mail ftplugin 0 31 A plugin to ease mail redaction from vim
VimPyServer utility 8 42 A Python server to remote control Vim without X-windows or vim-server
vim-tlv-mode syntax 4 19 Transaction-Level Verilog support for Vim
EnhancedDiff utility 0 65 A Vim plugin for creating better diffs (sometimes)
vim-stardict utility 5 60 Looking up meaning of words inside Vim using SDCV dictionary
Indentwise utility 1 24 Indent-level based motion
h2cppx utility 0 43 parse the c++ header file and generate c++ implement code
enabler utility 0 43 Load plugins/bundles as needed
vim-stay utility 4 86 Make Vim persist editing state without fuss
vim-less syntax 1 36 LESS css syntax updated to v2.3.0 - 2015
codekit.vim utility 0 34 CodeKit 2 support for Vim
vim-lastplace utility 7 65 Intelligently reopen files where you left off. But not for commit messages.
vim-fetch utility 0 110 Make Vim handle line and column numbers in file names with a minimum of fuss
permut.vim utility 0 45 Plugin for swapping text columns separated by arbitrary character.
vim-nose utility 0 42 Plugin wrapping nosetests command to be executed inside Vim
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