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Script Type Rating Down
Nette utility 0 24 Plugin for Nette Framework; syntax, indent, snipMate snippets, ...
Never Optimal Wiki utility 0 41 a minimalistic pure vim personal wiki
ttodo utility 0 45 Edit, view, sort, and filter todo.txt files
vimagit utility 8 103 A new way to use git with vim.
togglenumber utility 3 61 easy toggle between different numbering modes in vim
Replace operator utility 1 48 R (replace) operator
Vizardry utility 0 158 A vim plugin manager for lazy people
pypi.vim utility 9 67 Simple plugin for checking the latest version of the Python package in Vim.
vim-es6 syntax 0 80 List of JavaScript ES6 snippets and syntax highlighting for vim.
vim-js-pretty-template ftplugin 0 64 highlights JavaScript's Template Strings in other FileType syntax rule
airline-colornum utility 5 89 Cursor line number color = Airline mode color
vim-gurl utility 5 48 Grabs link to Github / Gitlab remote repository for current file & line range
vim-on-write utility 0 62 Easily register commands executed when the current buffer or a given files match
ShaderHighLight syntax 1 55 常用的shader文件语法高亮
vim-js-arrow-function ftplugin 0 132 changes a JavaScript anonymous function to an arrow function expression (ES2015)
Dokumentary utility 8 141 Improve what K does.
git-flow-format utility 7 137 Formats Git Flow prefixed branch names to take less space in your status line.
mpi.vim syntax 3 50 Syntax highlight, matching rules and mappings for the mpi
vison utility -1 70 Completion JSON files with JSON Schema
primary.vim color scheme 25 699 Inspired by Google's official colors
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