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Script Type Rating Down
EightHeader utility 0 8 Easily format and decorate (fold)headers, toc, etc.
unite-spell-suggest utility 0 12 A spelling suggestion source for unite.vim
vim-clang utility -1 24 Yet another C/C++ code completion plugin based on Clang
Spiffy Foldtext utility 1 20 easy foldtext via a format string, with added features
Tabv utility 0 26 Easily open relevant groupings of files as a tab in Vim
vim-onoff utility 3 22 Turn Vim options on. Off.
heroku.vim utility 0 11 Heroku toolbelt and hk wrapper
visualHtml ftplugin 8 37 script to preview in live html, php and css edition
VIDE utility 8 128 Simple IDE interface for vim
Pterosaur utility 0 45 Makes firefox text-inputs use vim.
Markology utility 0 25 Mark Visualization, Navigation and Management
vim-bookmarks utility 9 49 bookmark and annotate lines of code
nomad utility 0 22 Keep your environment variables in sync with tmux
likelycomplete utility 0 59 Collect & rank words for completion
Abridge utility 4 59 Vim code snippets creation made easy
magnum.vim utility 0 24 Pure Vim script big integer library
writable_search.vim utility 0 42 Perform a grep and edit the results directly
better-whitespace utility 7 89 A better whitespace highlighter for Vim
grin.vim utility -1 44   Vim plugin for 'grin', the Python port of 'ack'
vim-colors-pencil color scheme 3 241 A light (and dark) color scheme inspired by iA Writer
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