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Searched scripts for "git" Showing 1 to 20 of 520 results
Script Type Rating Down
quickEditTab utility 0 14 A new command to open files in the same or another tab.
vim-transit utility 0 12 Translates a given text from source language to target language via Google Trans
rst-robotframework-syntax-vim syntax 0 23 Extends RST syntax to highlight Robot Framework code snippets
VIM MySQL Suggestions utility 1 35 A plugin of VIM to show suggestions from MySQL database structure.
vim-sass-colors utility 1 65 sass/scss color variable highlighting (works with imports)
auto_update_cscope_ctags_database ftplugin 0 65 1:auto update cscope ctags database2:easy create database 3: auto plugn database
foldtext ftplugin 0 35 Folding support for some filetypes that don't do so by default
vikibase syntax 0 30 A slimmed-down version of the viki plugin: a personal wiki
autoproject utility 1 45 Set buffer-local options, the working directory etc. specific to a project
tstatus utility 0 31 Monitor buffer-local options and variables in the statusline
vim-fileHeader utility 0 61 add information about source file at head of file
GVFilter.vim utility 0 42 VIm plugin to filter current buffer by given arguments, like :g or :v
bargreybars.vim utility 0 43 remove gray bars from maximised gvim windows, on Windows
gina.vim utility 32 78 Asynchronously control git repositories in Neovim/Vim 8
verilog-support.vim utility 0 93 Verilog IDE -- Insert UVM & SystemVerilog code snippets, classes, comment, etc
add-git-managed-file-to-buffer.vim utility 0 107 Add files that are changed, modifiled, untracked in git to the buffer.
workbook utility 0 72 Notebook-like interaction with R etc.
autopack utility 4 66 Load optional packs by command, map, filetype etc.
vim-indentguides syntax 8 64 Simple indentation guides for your buffers
rel.vim utility 4 52 Follow and define links to files
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