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Script Type Rating Down
Maven Compiler ftplugin 1 28 VIM compiler setup for Java with Maven
ftcolor.vim utility 1 24 Switches colorschemes according to the file type.
Vim-EPUB ftplugin 1 97 Plugin for EPUB ebooks' edition
Session-Viminfo-Management utility 0 67 The plug-in improves upon Vim's built-in :mksession and :wviminfo commands.
vim-root syntax 8 63 Basic syntax highlighting for the ROOT Data Analysis Framework
SpellLangIdentifier utility 1 93 Automatically identify buffer's language and set the spell lang
Improved AnsiEsc syntax 3 78 Improved AnsiEsc.vim : ansi escape sequences highlighted and concealed
fireplace.vim utility 25 67 Clojure REPL support
Fist of Vim utility 4 81 Super simple and awesome gist support for vim
autocwd.vim utility 0 80 Auto current working directory update system
Nefertiti color scheme 5 119 Dark-background Vim Color Scheme with Dynamic Brightness Control (GUI-only)
FileBeagle utility 0 58 A VINE-spired (Vim Is Not Emacs) file system explorer
SmartColumnColor utility 0 60 vim plugin for alert when we reach a defined numbers of characters in a line
vimbed utility 4 75 A plugin for embedding vim
Merginal utility 0 167 Fugitive extention to manage and merge Git branches
vim-ralf-syntax syntax 0 53 Syntax highlighting for Synopsys Register Abstraction Layer ralf files
vim-do-syntax syntax 4 48 Syntax highlighting for Mentor Graphics Questa Sim do files
unite-spell-suggest utility 4 161 A spelling suggestion source for unite.vim
vim-clang utility 5 241 Yet another C/C++ code completion plugin based on Clang
autoswap.vim utility 9 160 Switch to open editor window instead of asking what to do with swapfile
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