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Searched scripts for "git" Showing 1 to 20 of 506 results
Script Type Rating Down
verilog-support.vim utility 0 4 Verilog IDE -- Insert UVM & SystemVerilog code snippets, classes, comment, etc
add-git-managed-file-to-buffer.vim utility 0 35 Add files that are changed, modifiled, untracked in git to the buffer.
workbook utility 0 27 Notebook-like interaction with R etc.
autopack utility 4 17 Load optional packs by command, map, filetype etc.
vim-indentguides syntax 4 24 Simple indentation guides for your buffers
rel.vim utility 4 15 Follow and define links to files
vim-numbers utility 0 28 A plugin for intelligently switching between absolute and relative line numbers
showhidefoldsby utility 0 27 Show and hide folds by various criteria.
spotdiff.vim utility 4 61 A range selectable diffthis to compare partially
vim-workspace utility 56 398 Automated Vim session management and file auto-save
gen_tags.vim utility 0 71 A simple vim plugin that generate/maintain ctags and gtags database.
ViewMaps utility 0 50 Lightweight plugin for viewing mappings from vimrc
Replay utility 0 70 Convenient re-run of last recorded Vim macro
gnugo.vim game 8 57 Play a game of Go in your text editor, using GnuGo
vim-codequery utility 0 44 An asynchronous code searcher
Install a Plugin in Vim ftplugin 1 55 symlinks don\\'t overwrite existing files, uninstall only deletes symlinks
Buffy.vim utility 0 71 Switch between buffers with a handy menu
git-switcher.vim utility 4 174 Session management based on git branch.
ctrlp-obsession utility 1 85 A super simple session-navigator using obsession / prosession
asyncrun utility 223 565 Run Async Shell Commands in Vim 8.0 and Output to Quickfix in Realtime
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