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Script Type Rating Down
vim-less syntax 1 6 LESS css syntax updated to v2.3.0 - 2015
codekit.vim utility 0 11 CodeKit 2 support for Vim
vim-lastplace utility 7 42 Intelligently reopen files where you left off. But not for commit messages.
vim-fetch utility 0 40 Make Vim handle line and column numbers in file names with a minimum of fuss
permut.vim utility 0 28 Plugin for swapping text columns separated by arbitrary character.
vim-nose utility 0 27 Plugin wrapping nosetests command to be executed inside Vim
Spacegray.vim color scheme 30 216 An elegant dark colorscheme for Vim
Vim-Swoop utility 9 48 Grep and replace easily in multiple files being context aware !
filestyle utility 0 70 Check and make (experimental) the opened buffer to correspond Vim settings
argwrap.vim utility 4 73 Wrap and unwrap function arguments, lists and dictionaries in Vim
jspc.vim ftplugin 0 35 JavaScript Parameter Complete
vim-www utility 0 61 Define your favourite websites and search engines and open them from vim
numbers.vim utility 1 59 plugin for intelligently toggling line numbers.
RootIgnore utility 0 32 Set 'wildignore' from git repo root
VIntSearch utility 0 40 Vim Integrated Search - File search plugin using ctags and grep
Maven Compiler ftplugin 2 70 VIM compiler setup for Java with Maven
ftcolor.vim utility 2 70 Switches colorschemes according to the file type.
Vim-EPUB ftplugin 2 172 Plugin for EPUB ebooks' edition
Session-Viminfo-Management utility 0 86 The plug-in improves upon Vim's built-in :mksession and :wviminfo commands.
vim-root syntax 8 82 Basic syntax highlighting for the ROOT Data Analysis Framework
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