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Script Type Rating Down
html_FileCompletion ftplugin 2 345 Base dir- and URL-aware file completion for HTML links.
cmdpathup utility 0 104 Hotkey for going one level up when editing a path on command line
DBGPavim utility 40 999 An improved Python/PHP debugger
jsflakes.vim ftplugin 25 560 A powerful vim plugin lint javascript code on the fly
PHPUnit QF utility 0 371 Run PHPUnit tests from within vim and put the errors into the quickfix list.
maven-plugin utility 1 188 Help development in Maven
Ideone.vim utility 8 286 vimscript for ideone
VDBI.vim utility 12 293 Database client for Vim
vim-cpp-auto-include ftplugin 8 229 Automatically insert or delete `#include`s for C++ code
vim-htmldjango_omnicomplete ftplugin 5 369 htmldjango filetype omnicomplete - completes template tags/filters/variables
DBGp X client utility 5 264 a real remote debugger (tested only with XDebug/PHP)
clean_imports utility 4 184 Makes use of the Java checkstyle tool to clean your Java file of unused imports
vim-jsbeautify utility 6 366 Simple javascript formater base on js-beautify
XDebug (DBGp) client (for PHP) utility 13 565 minimal php debug client for XDebug (DBGp)
TextTransform utility 17 628 Create text transformation mappings and commands.
dosbatch_movement ftplugin 0 184 Movement over MSDOS batch file functions / labels with ]m etc.
vbs_movement ftplugin 0 183 Movement over VBScript classes / functions / properties / subs with ]m etc.
ConflictMotions utility 18 406 Motions to and inside SCM conflict markers.
TaskMotions utility 1 268 Motions to task and TODO markers.
vim-pomodoro utility 4 173 Vim plugin for the Pomdoro time management technique
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