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Script Type Rating Down
SameFiletypeComplete utility 0 339 Insert mode completion from buffers with the same filetype.
RepeatableYank utility 5 414 Repeatable appending yank to a named register.
mkvimball.vim utility 0 364 Create a vimball from a list of input files
vim2grace utility 4 289 Grace/Common Music integration
fwk_ctags utility 0 195   Manage your ctags tags configurations simple and efficent
gvimt utility 10 1658 Open new files in gvim in new tabs, splits or vertical splits
transliterate utility 4 702 Text transliteration
GrepTasks utility 2 320 Grep for tasks and TODO markers.
FileTags utility 0 179 Easily locate previously-used files, directories and URLs
GrepHere utility 2 407 List occurrences in the current buffer in the quickfix window.
PrevInsertComplete utility 3 522 Recall and insert mode completion for previously inserted text.
vim-dict utility 6 760 The Dict client for Vim
CursorLineCurrentWindow utility 7 455 Only highlight the screen line of the cursor in the currently active window.
GrepCommands utility 2 458 Perform :vimgrep over arguments, buffers, windows.
SyntaxRange utility 31 886 Define a different filetype syntax on regions of a buffer.
locator utility 9 444 Shows where is your cursor, including folds, classes, functions, and more.
Drupal utility 4 242 A very simple plugin to help develop with Drupal
LogViewer utility 8 452 Comfortable examination of multiple parallel logfiles.
AlignFromCursor utility 5 656 Perform :left / :right only for the text on and right of the cursor.
ArgsAndMore utility 11 634 Apply commands to multiple buffers and manage the argument list.
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