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Script Type Rating Down
SearchAlternatives utility 4 264 Add / subtract alternatives to / from the search pattern.
FileFastSelector utility 22 930 Plugin allows to open files with minimal number of keystrokes.
LineJuggler utility 15 667 Duplicate and move around lines.
bls utility 0 246 bls: is a python script to list buffers opened in all (g)vim servers
ConflictDetection utility 8 491 Detect and highlight SCM conflict markers.
fix-git-diff-path.vim ftplugin 0 120 Fix file paths from git diff output to DoTheRightThing
tagbar-phpctags utility 20 540 Using phpctags to generate php ctags index for vim plugin tagbar.
TaggedSearchPattern utility 5 189 Attach names to search patterns for easier recall.
VcsMessageRecall utility 4 354 Browse and re-insert previous VCS commit messages.
MessageRecall utility 7 347 Browse and re-insert previous (commit, status) messages.
BufferPersist utility 0 251 Save certain buffers somewhere when quitting them.
GdbFromVim utility 5 381 This pluging lets you debug your applications with gdb from vim,
vim-django utility 13 730 Support for Django through VIM
OnSyntaxChange utility 1 299 Generate events when moving onto / off a syntax group.
cscope.vim utility 40 1711 create/update/connect cscope database smartly.
gprof.vim ftplugin 5 519 A file type plugin for gprof (GNU profiler) output
highlights for radiologist color scheme 8 303 color highlights for radiologist's reading job
sonoma.vim color scheme 2119 1598 An easy-breezy colorscheme that captures the look and feel of Xcode.
html_FileCompletion ftplugin 2 437 Base dir- and URL-aware file completion for HTML links.
cmdpathup utility 0 118 Hotkey for going one level up when editing a path on command line
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