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Script Type Rating Down
DBGp X client utility 5 210 a real remote debugger (tested only with XDebug/PHP)
clean_imports utility 4 141 Makes use of the Java checkstyle tool to clean your Java file of unused imports
vim-jsbeautify utility 6 297 Simple javascript formater base on js-beautify
XDebug (DBGp) client (for PHP) utility 13 468 minimal php debug client for XDebug (DBGp)
TextTransform utility 16 449 Create text transformation mappings and commands.
dosbatch_movement ftplugin 0 152 Movement over MSDOS batch file functions / labels with ]m etc.
vbs_movement ftplugin 0 148 Movement over VBScript classes / functions / properties / subs with ]m etc.
ConflictMotions utility 14 277 Motions to and inside SCM conflict markers.
TaskMotions utility 1 218 Motions to task and TODO markers.
vim-pomodoro utility 4 147 Vim plugin for the Pomdoro time management technique
Finder for vim utility 4 107 Finder for VIm
JumpToTrailingWhitespace utility 1 286 Motions to locate unwanted whitespace at the end of lines.
DeleteTrailingWhitespace utility 26 546 Delete unwanted whitespace at the end of lines.
ShowTrailingWhitespace utility 41 445 Detect unwanted whitespace at the end of lines.
vim less syntax 10 762 less support for vim
fwk notes utility 0 222 This plugin was created to manages your task/notes by days/weeks/years.
writebackupAutomator utility 8 270 Automatically write a backup on the first write.
ipyqtmacvim.vim ftplugin 7 85 Plugin to send commands from MacVim to IPython Qt console
Coverity compiler plugin utility 1 165 Compiler plugin for the cov-format-errors command in Coverity static analysis
argumentative.vim utility 0 71 initial upload
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