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Script Type Rating Down
BufNameComplete utility 2 375 Insert mode completion of filenames loaded in Vim.
psettings utility 0 356 Allows you to have per-project settings files for vim.
vimside utility 17 1969 Vimside - Vim Scala Ide
git log utility 1 1977 A Git Tree, Log and History Viewer and Diff Tool
bundler.vim utility 15 683 Lightweight support for Ruby's Bundler
SnippetCompleteSnipMate utility 0 374 Integrate snipMate snippets into SnippetComplete plugin.
ctagloader utility 8 464 The script will traverse path tree and load ctag found on the way.
LineEndComplete utility 4 264 Insert mode completion that completes the rest of the line.
BracketComplete utility 0 581 Insert mode completion for text inside various brackets.
MotionComplete utility 0 272 Insert mode completion for chunks covered by queried {motion} or text object.
autotags utility 34 629 vim plugin for easy ctags and cscope handling in a separate directory
djangojump ftplugin 1 544 jump between template, view, url  in django project
TagManager utility 0 540 Project aware incremental tags manager
PatternComplete utility 5 482 Insert mode completion for matches of queried / last search pattern.
IndentTab utility 4 463 Use tabs for indent at the beginning, spaces for alignment in the rest of a line
SameFiletypeComplete utility 0 369 Insert mode completion from buffers with the same filetype.
RepeatableYank utility 5 441 Repeatable appending yank to a named register.
mkvimball.vim utility 0 391 Create a vimball from a list of input files
vim2grace utility 4 316 Grace/Common Music integration
fwk_ctags utility 0 209   Manage your ctags tags configurations simple and efficent
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