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Script Type Rating Down
tcl.vim syntax 198 4726 tcl syntax file
pt.vim.gz syntax 313 1715 Syntax file for Synopsys PrimeTime tcl
tcl.vim syntax 11 1305 Tcl syntax TEST version
einstimer.vim syntax 9 923 Syntax file for IBM Einstimer tcl
tcl_snit.vim syntax 14 816 syntax coloring for snit, extends tcl.vim
tcl_itcl.vim syntax 62 732 syntax coloring for itcl, extends tcl.vim.
tcl_critcl.vim syntax 4 707 syntax coloring for critcl. extend tcl.vim
tcl_sqlite.vim syntax 11 631 syntax coloring for sqlite inside tcl, extends tcl.vim
tcl_togl.vim syntax 88 562 syntax coloring for togl. extends tcl.vim
vim-xdc-syntax syntax 0 561 Syntax highlighting for Xilinx Design Constraints
vim-xtcl-syntax syntax 0 285 Syntax highlighting for Xilinx Vivado TCL scripts
snpsMan2VimSyntax syntax 1 126 Perl script to parse Synopsys man pages to create a vim syntax file
syn-preproc syntax 1 77 C preprocessor syntax on top of other syntaxes.
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