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taglist.vim utility 12698 261797 Source code browser (supports C/C++, java, perl, python, tcl, sql, php, etc)
The NERD tree utility 7642 173708 A tree explorer plugin for navigating the filesystem
snipMate utility 6138 80388 TextMate-style snippets for Vim
rails.vim utility 6056 85682 Ruby on Rails: easy file navigation, enhanced syntax highlighting, and more
vimwiki utility 5934 17360 Personal Wiki for Vim
molokai color scheme 5123 54843 A port of the monokai scheme for TextMate
c.vim utility 4976 101522 C/C++ IDE --  Write and run programs. Insert statements, idioms, comments etc.
AutoComplPop utility 4238 51261 Automatically opens popup menu for completions
pathogen.vim utility 4041 53547 Poor man's package manager. Easy manipulation of 'runtimepath' et al
Colo(u)r Sampler Pack color scheme 3856 89494 [[[Oct 2012 Update]]] Top 100(ish) Themes, GUI Menu
minibufexpl.vim utility 3720 101097 Elegant buffer explorer - takes very little screen space
vcscommand.vim utility 3541 55857 CVS/SVN/SVK/git/hg/bzr integration plugin
bufexplorer.zip utility 3245 103604 Buffer Explorer / Browser
project.tar.gz utility 3234 77187 Organize/Navigate projects of files (like IDE/buffer explorer)
PDV - phpDocumentor for Vim utility 3153 14037 Provides really comfortable generation of phpDocumentor doc blocks for PHP4 & 5.
utl.vim utility 3130 12125 Univeral Text Linking - Execute URLs, footnotes, open emails, organize ideas
OmniCppComplete ftplugin 3126 77389 C/C++ omni-completion with ctags database
a.vim utility 3105 65189 Alternate Files quickly (.c --> .h etc)
TVO: The Vim Outliner ftplugin 2813 15037 Turn vim into a full-featured text outliner
surround.vim utility 2612 44754 Delete/change/add parentheses/quotes/XML-tags/much more with ease
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