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Arcadia color scheme 0 85 A Monochromatic colorscheme
Broduo Color Scheme color scheme 0 125 A dark color scheme for Vim.
minimalist.vim color scheme 8 120 A Material Colorscheme Darker for Vim
flatwhite color scheme 4 73 A Vim port of biletskyy’s flatwhite-syntax for Atom
mythos color scheme 5 103 A dark, low contrast, Cthulhu-esque colour scheme
nordisk color scheme 12 166 A calm, fairly low contrast, dark color scheme
Despacio color scheme 5 188 Vim Colorscheme
dutch_peasants color scheme 3 133 A dark scheme of earth colours
vim-seattle color scheme 7 288 An elegant yet efficient color scheme for coders
unicon color scheme 5 124 uniform contrast light and dark colorscheme
WWDC16 color scheme 3 167 Colorful dark color scheme inspired by WWDC16 page
vim-two-firewatch color scheme 4 161 A blend between duotone light and firewatch for atom
vim-one color scheme 0 161 one dark and one light for atom adapted to Vim
One Half Color Schemes color scheme 33 280 Clean and vibrant light/dark color schemes for terminal and gui Vim.
Srcery color scheme 1 338 Vim color scheme
tortus.vim color scheme 0 573 Dark (grey on black) color scheme based on on torte.vim and motus.vim.
Solarized 8 color scheme 5 526 Optimized Solarized colorschemes. Best served with true-color terminals!
vim-grimmjow color scheme 18 418 Light Theme for Gvim, MacVim and Neovim
Sierra color scheme 9 637 A colorscheme for Terminal Vim and GUI Vim.
sky color scheme 16 298 Color scheme.
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