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rdark-terminal2.vim color scheme 0 145 Modified rdark-terminal color scheme to enhance visibility for Dark Pastels
Nefertiti color scheme 5 48 Dark-background Vim Color Scheme with Dynamic Brightness Control (GUI-only)
purpledrop color scheme 1 227 dark purple backdrop nice for coding
dubs-green color scheme 0 119 dubs-scheme gone green
dubs-red color scheme -1 77 A reddish version of the dubs scheme
otaku color scheme 9 175 Inspired by Lucky Star
apprentice.vim color scheme 10 281 A dark low-contrast colorscheme.
avahi-syntax color scheme 0 111 VIM syntax highlighting for Avahi
industry.vim color scheme 13 450 Standard industrial color scheme for Vim
prop.vim color scheme 4 147 Android system properties highlight
vim-colors-pencil color scheme 3 371 A light (and dark) color scheme inspired by iA Writer
arnaudmix2 Color Scheme color scheme 1 226 A dark color scheme vim and gvim.
Elda color scheme 26 675 Dark 256-color scheme
RadicalGoodSpeed.vim color scheme 1 183 Initial upload
Iceberg color scheme 14 347 A dark blue color scheme suitable for GUI version
candyVirus.vim color scheme 15 423 An elegant dark 256 colors colorscheme for cterm
swamplight color scheme 8 275 light color scheme, GUI and 256
grishin-color-scheme color scheme 4 224 A koehler-similar scheme
marslo.vim color scheme 20 401 A dark-background color scheme made by Marslo
airlineish color scheme 10 299 Custom theme for vim-airline (works perfect with dark background / UI)
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