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Script Type Rating Down
Quickalign utility 0 14 Marker-based alginment of small chunks of text.
vim-maven-syntax syntax 0 9 Apache Maven syntax highlighting plugin for Vim
markdown-preview.vim utility 0 18 preview markdown through browser with no external dependencies
vim-llvmcov utility 0 20 The llvm-cov tool shows code coverage information for C,C++,Objective-C
vim-fake utility 0 16 A random dummy/filler text generator
alduin color scheme 8 38 Vim Colorscheme for Terminals and GUI
vim-swap utility 0 33 Reorder delimited items.
hiPairs utility 5 23 Highlights the pair surrounding the current cursor position.
todoapp utility 0 24 Manage your todos in vim with app like experience
vBox utility 0 23 A simple template engine for vim
vim-macos utility 0 22 Autoload functions to help vim user work with macos
macdown.vim utility 4 24 Live preview markdown in Chrome using applescript
Snake game 5 130 Snake game in vim
VimSum utility 1 30 Simple visual mode arithmetic in Vim
vZoom utility 4 36 Quickly maximize/unmaximize the current window
vimdiffext ftplugin 4 56 An easier way to vim-diff files and directories.
vim-keeppad utility 0 24 Keep padding!
vim-signjk-motion utility 0 21 j/k motion with Hit-A-Hint
mycomment utility 1 42 quickly toggle comment without thinking
unite-gitlog utility 0 31 A unite source for git log
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