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Script Type Rating Down
angular.vim ftplugin 4 26 Some niceties for the AngularJS framework
Peggi utility 0 17 A Parsing framework for Parsing Expression Grammar
apprentice.vim color scheme 4 88 A dark low-contrast colorscheme.
avahi-syntax color scheme 0 45 VIM syntax highlighting for Avahi
github-issues.vim utility 0 29 Github Issues integration with Vim
VimCompletesMe utility 12 48 Simple tab completion for Vim
vim-lsdyna ftplugin 0 22 Initial upload
Arrow Key Repurpose utility 0 37 A plugin for repurposing the arrow keys mostly for shifting lines of text around
cra.vim utility 3 26 yearly timesheet
VIDE utility 8 118 Simple IDE interface for vim
cloneSimilar utility 0 21 Create a duplicate clone of the current buffer with a similar name.
clone utility 1 26 Create a duplicate clone of the current buffer.
Pterosaur utility 0 33 Makes firefox text-inputs use vim.
Markology utility 0 25 Mark Visualization, Navigation and Management
vim-bookmarks utility 9 48 bookmark and annotate lines of code
vim-less syntax 1 40 Less syntax highlighting
nomad utility 0 22 Keep your environment variables in sync with tmux
quickfix-reflector.vim utility 0 22 Change code right in the quickfix window
likelycomplete utility 0 57 Collect & rank words for completion
svnj.vim utility 6 68 vim svn plugin (subversion svn ) svn browser
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