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Script Type Rating Down
prop.vim color scheme 4 90 Android system properties highlight
writable_search.vim utility 0 38 Perform a grep and edit the results directly
c.vim syntax 4 124 Highlight more syntax items of C program
jdaddy.vim utility 4 48 JSON manipulation and pretty printing
hybris ImpEx syntax 5 43 Providing syntax highlight for hybris ImpEx file
sql.snippets utility 1 211 T-SQL snippets
VimMahewinHub indent 7 40 Interface for hub command.
better-whitespace utility 7 83 A better whitespace highlighter for Vim
stdtabs indent 4 33 Indentation for some languages according to their most used style guidelines.
APL character picker utility 9 74 A pop-up menu for inserting APL characters
CRDispatcher utility 4 64 dispatch CR in the command line
scd.vim utility 0 54 smart change of directory in Vim
vawa.vim utility 0 45 A plugin that will highlight all occurances of the php variable under the cursor
grin.vim utility -1 39   Vim plugin for 'grin', the Python port of 'ack'
vim-colors-pencil color scheme 3 226 A light (and dark) color scheme inspired by iA Writer
Enchanted Vim utility 9 116 persistent very magic option
blockit utility 0 46 a vim plugin to wrap lines in a block
phpspec.vim utility 0 28 phpspec compiler
TWMC: Tab/Win Move Commands utility 0 54 Tab/Win Move Commands for vim.
Html Template ftplugin 0 62 This plugin paste a base frame in your new html- or php-file.
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