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vim-loggly-search utility 4 56 A vim plug-in to easily search in loggly
vim-base64 utility 12 81 Vim plugin to encode/decode base64 strings
minimalist.vim color scheme 16 311 A Material Colorscheme Darker for Vim
vim-guesslang utility 0 57 guess the spell-check language of the current buffer
flatwhite color scheme 4 129 A Vim port of biletskyy’s flatwhite-syntax for Atom
ViewMaps utility 0 67 Lightweight plugin for viewing mappings from vimrc
vim-yesod syntax 0 51 Syntax and utility for the Haskell Yesod web framework
vim-shaderlab syntax 5 60 Unity ShaderLab
syn-preproc syntax 1 55 C preprocessor syntax on top of other syntaxes.
Replay utility 0 96 Convenient re-run of last recorded Vim macro
vim-matchit utility 6 82 Extended matching with "%"
gnugo.vim game 8 67 Play a game of Go in your text editor, using GnuGo
StyleGuide utility 7 68 Code with google-syleguide. Readability, quality and unity well be better
vim-makejob utility 4 281 Minimal, asynchronous quickfix commands for Vim 8.0
mythos color scheme 5 174 A dark, low contrast, Cthulhu-esque colour scheme
vim-codequery utility 0 54 An asynchronous code searcher
xdg_open.vim utility 0 53 Run xdg-open from Vim; re-implements netrw's gx.
Install a Plugin in Vim ftplugin 1 66 symlinks don\\'t overwrite existing files, uninstall only deletes symlinks
auto_mkdir2.vim utility 0 51 Automatically create directories
nordisk color scheme 16 278 A calm, fairly low contrast, dark color scheme
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