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Script Type Rating Down
vim-mediawiki-editor utility 0 39 Edit MediaWiki right from Vim!
underscore.vim utility 0 44 Vim script utility library
ShowSpaces syntax 1 40 Highlight indentation characters if they contain spaces, even mixed with tabs
AtelierSulphurpool color scheme 4 60 Sulphurpool is a purplish colorscheme
spss syntax highlighting file syntax 0 54 syntax highlighting file based on spss version 22
gulp-vim utility 0 64 Simple gulp wrapper for Vim
Quicker_file utility 4 48 2-step search plugin for quicker open
unmaze.vim utility 1 55 A vim plugin that shows the C/C++ preprocessor conditions that need to be met fo
vim-uncrustify utility 3 38 Helper to call uncrustify in vim.
vim-http-client utility 5 62 Make HTTP requests from Vim without wrestling the command line!
vim-scrum-markdown utility 0 43 manage a scrum dashboard inside vim
vim-markdown-wiki utility 0 103 Links manipulation and navigation in markdown pages
vim.ergonomic utility 4 41 use vim more ergonomically
plugconf utility 0 45 A VIM plugin for managing configurations of other plugins.
ColumnTags utility 0 44 Navigate your tags in column-view
todo-txt.vim ftplugin 1 88 Vim plugin for Todo.txt
vim-compile ftplugin 5 158 Yet another compile plugin for vim
vim-mail ftplugin 0 126 A plugin to ease mail redaction from vim
VimPyServer utility 8 96 A Python server to remote control Vim without X-windows or vim-server
vim-tlv-mode syntax 4 61 Transaction-Level Verilog support for Vim
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