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Script Type Rating Down
vim-zim utility 0 66 Zim desktop wiki syntax and helper functions
pgn.vim syntax 0 126 syntax highlighting for .pgn (chess) files
git-switcher.vim utility 4 161 Session management based on git branch.
rimas.vim utility 0 68 Diccionario de rimas para Vim
wordbyword.vim utility 0 61 Word by word search in dictionaries over cursor.
stardict.vim utility 0 66 Quick access to stardict dicts
WWDC16 color scheme 3 170 Colorful dark color scheme inspired by WWDC16 page
vim-sml ftplugin 2 168 Vim support for Standard ML programming
SearchCompleteMotion patch 0 79 Updated SearchCompete plugin with support for motions
hindent ftplugin 0 62 Automatic Haskell code reformatting
composer.vim utility 0 125 Initial release
vim-anyfold indent 0 150 Generic folding mechanism and motion based on indentation
ctrlp-obsession utility 1 77 A super simple session-navigator using obsession / prosession
speedy utility 0 101 super fast gulp task execution
Omnipytent utility 0 69 The all powerful Pythonic task runner
asyncrun utility 223 526 Run Async Shell Commands in Vim 8.0 and Output to Quickfix in Realtime
FocusPrevious utility 1 71 Focus previous window/tab when closing the current one.
Smile utility 10 112 Vimscript implementation of the :smile command
dut.vim syntax 0 79 Syntax file for the Dut programming language.
vim-gotofile ftplugin 0 71 Enhance the native `gf` command to go to `node_modules`.
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