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RougherExp utility 1 86 Changes your search expression into rougher regexp.
Solarized 8 color scheme 4 328 Optimized Solarized colorschemes. Best served with true-color terminals!
definition.vim utility 0 75 Jump to the last place where [command|function|mapping] was set
vim-logreview utility 0 97 plugin to help log reviews and navigation
vim-freemarker ftplugin 0 96 Freemarker syntax and functions
vim-stackoverflow utility 0 115 A tiny plugin for searching Stackoverflow from VIM editor
caw.vim utility 0 73 Comment plugin: Operator mappings/Dot-repeatable/300+ filetypes
ensime-vim ftplugin 4 81 Ensime support for Scala and Java files
Scalpel utility 0 115 Fast within-file word replacement for Vim
splat-syntax syntax 0 52 Syntax for Splat
Mesonic ftplugin 0 48 A Vim plugin for Meson build system
vim-grimmjow color scheme 18 305 Light Theme for Gvim, MacVim and Neovim
Syntax match utility 0 58 Saving syntax match rules to be loaded next time
vim-diction utility 4 196 Write better with vim-diction - find frequently misused, bad or wordy diction
droWMark utility 0 70 Post to WordPress using Pandoc Flavoured Markdown
Google_Translate_Py utility 0 68 Translate text directly in vim from the google translate page.
extra-instant-markdown utility 0 83 Instant Markdown previews from VIM!
Vim-janitor utility 0 99 Clean up multiple blank lines and trailing spaces.
Outlaw ftplugin 2 82 The wanted outliner!
apthogen utility 8 76 Easily manage your vim's plugins
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