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Script Type Rating Down
opensips.vim syntax 12 55 Syntax highlighting for OpenSIPS script
vim-game-snake game 0 88 snake game
bal.vim ftplugin 1 47 Provides ballerina support to vim, when coupled with the bal syntax plugin.
VIM MySQL Suggestions utility 1 77 A plugin of VIM to show suggestions from MySQL database structure.
vim-yaml-folds ftplugin 0 99 Folding rules for YAML, RAML and SaltStack SLS files
vim-sass-colors utility 1 234 sass/scss color variable highlighting (works with imports)
auto_update_cscope_ctags_database ftplugin 0 299 1:auto update cscope ctags database2:easy create database 3: auto plugn database
Multiplayer utility 0 58 Collaborative Editing
SumOfSelection utility 14 369 Calculate sum of visual (block) selected numbers
vim-daps utility 5 86 Adds daps (https://opensuse.github.io/daps) functionality to the Vim text editor
foldtext ftplugin 0 77 Folding support for some filetypes that don't do so by default
vikibase syntax 0 84 A slimmed-down version of the viki plugin: a personal wiki
autoproject utility 1 108 Set buffer-local options, the working directory etc. specific to a project
tstatus utility 0 62 Monitor buffer-local options and variables in the statusline
js_alternate utility 1 57 A JavaScript plugin to easily navigate between alternate files
vim-custom-surround utility 5 125 Define your own surround patterns
goyo-doc utility 0 75 Vim
CurtineIncSw.vim utility 73 141 Easily toggle between *.c* and *.h* buffers.
vim-sourcer utility 1 79 Several new commands for sourcing vimscript files
eclipse-lite color scheme -1 378 a vim scheme appears to eclipse
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