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incsearch.vim utility 16 140 Improved incremental searching for Vim
Vim SELinux suite ftplugin 0 55 A collection of vim scripts to help you write SELinux policy modules.
vim-chip8 syntax 0 38 Syntax highlighting and indentation rules for Chip8 assembly.
whitespace syntax highlight syntax 17 65 whitespace syntax highlight
Dragon Curve game 1 102 Draws the Dragon Curve - purely recreational
Maven Compiler ftplugin 2 70 VIM compiler setup for Java with Maven
ctrlp-hibuff utility 6 77 A better buffer explorer for CtrlP
lua_indent indent 0 48 best lua indent plugin
splunk.vim syntax 1 42 Syntax file for Splunk Search Language
vim-shellutils utility 2 62 Provides shell-like commands in Vim
ftcolor.vim utility 3 71 Switches colorschemes according to the file type.
Open Plugin Page utility 1 40 A script for quick opening plugin page on Github
cascadia.vim color scheme 9 267 Color scheme representing the beauty of the Cascadia Bioregion.
vim-sjson syntax 4 53 Syntax highlighting for Bitsquid JSON files.
vim-geeknote syntax 5 146 Geeknote/Evernote VIM Integration
vim-line-jump utility 0 56 easier way to jump lines in Tagbar and NERDTree
cobalt color scheme 8 343 A dark blue color theme that works in both GUI and 256 color terminals.
vim-lamdify syntax 5 98 Conceals lambdas as lambda characters in various languages
VIM PHP Refactoring Toolbox utility 8 76 Easily refactor your PHP Code
oengsimple.vim utility 4 47 simplified keymap for Old English (Anglo Saxon)
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