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This is a list of registered Vim users and sponsors who have donated 100 euro or more. Only people who have indicated they want to be listed are included. If you are a registered Vim user or sponsor you can change your preferences on the edit account page.

name donation (euro)
Hiroki MINEMATSU 1800
Tim Pope 1060
FreeWear.org 1034
Andy Smith 1000
Intevation GmbH 1000
Larry Clapp 928
Simon Greatrix 720
Kresimir Bojcic 600
iMind Development 580
Naoyuki Kumagai 400
Hirohito Higashi 380
Feilong Niu 360
Patrick Avery 360
martin kraegeloh 340
Troy Telford 330
James McCoy 330
Sergey Matveev 310
motion twin 300
Ano Nymous 300
Graham King 300
Michael Dewey 300
Szabi Garai 295
Joe Cooper 250
Elementary Processes in Gas Discharges (EPG) 250
Linda Walsh 250
Bart Trojanowski 250
Csaba Hoch 240
sreeneel sreeneel 235
Derek McLoughlin 210
Jens Neuhalfen 210
Leonid Mamchenkov 200
Mozammel Haque 200
Richard Howard 200
David Schweikert 200
George V. Reilly 200
Luca Masters 200
Hajime Imura 200
Michel D'hooge 200
Steven Severinghaus 190
Nikhil A. Patil 181
Thomas Roraas 170
Glenn Williams 170
Bj÷rn Winckler 165
vim china 159
Serge Rey 150
Jean-Paul Boodhoo 150
Alexander Peslyak 150
Roland Pons 150
Helmut Schellong 150
Sebastian Volland 150
Sam King 141
Justin Shoffstall 135
Freddy Spierenburg 135
Jonas Granquist 135
Zbigniew Kowalski 131
Lawrence Kesteloot 130
Zhigang HUO 128
Dan Poltawski 120
Richard Cheng 120
Damien Genthial 120
David KolovratnÝk 120
Jeremy Schlatter 120
Yevgeniy Viktorov 120
Peter Edge 120
Rita Bylsma 120
Ivan Evtuhovich 111
Andreas Ulbrich 111
Yves Chevallier 111
Preston Schiroky 110
Phillip Kloecker 110
Fredrik Lanker 110
Vit Brunner 110
Isaiah Damron 105
Claude Hohl 101
Benjamin Hoffstein 100
abner chih yi huang 100
Preben Randhol 100
Wojtek Kruszewski 100
Willem-Jan de Hoog 100
Brent Casavant 100
Thomas Promny 100
Michael McCarty 100
Ross McEwan 100
Brian Shaver 100
Mark Wilden 100
Sagie Maoz 100
Carlo Perassi 100
IT2L Jerome 100
smu johnson 100
Aamer Abbas 100
Alois Cochard 100
Randall Degges 100
Oscar Lazzarino 100
Ken Smith 100
Tomasz Muras 100
Wilson Bilkovich 100
Daniel Steinmann 100
Jens Kleinholz 100
Glen Hein 100
Thomas Nitsche 100
www.freeonlineapps.com www.freeonlineapps.com 100
Scott Graham 100
You-Siang Lin 100
Simon Olofsson 100
andre spieler 100
Anne Pacalet 100
Reed Esau 100
Mike Sharpe concealed
Mikael Berthe concealed
Taro MURAOKA concealed
Ricardo Signes concealed
Niklas Lindstr÷m concealed
Marc Petit-Huguenin concealed
david rayner (zzapper) concealed
Ajit Thakkar concealed
Jerry Rocteur concealed
Kevin Athey concealed
Peter Beckman concealed
Michał Bartoszkiewicz concealed
Adam Wolff concealed
Steve Ratcliffe concealed
Stefan Karlsson concealed
Vince Negri concealed
Matthew Winn concealed
Mark Andersen concealed
david odin concealed
Benjamin Peterson concealed
calmar c concealed
jim battle concealed
Stephen Riehm concealed
f. sheng concealed
Balßzs Radics concealed
Greg Lutz concealed
David Costa concealed
Shaw Vrana concealed
Peter de Blieck concealed
Sylvain Le Gall concealed
Tomas Vasko concealed
Jim Price concealed
Dan Foster concealed
Tom Weaver concealed
Mischa Poslawsky concealed
Jeffrey Knight concealed
Elliot Shank concealed
Eric Van Dewoestine concealed
Anshaj Mathur concealed
Xiaopan Zhang concealed
Ben McMillan concealed
Lars P Mathiassen concealed
Sven Opitz concealed
Martin Gieseking concealed
Ethan Schulton concealed
Laurence Gonsalves concealed
Jon Cox concealed
Pat Gunn concealed
Mike Rolish concealed
Alfred Johnson concealed
Steven Joseph concealed
Michael Schaap concealed
Benjamin Kuperman concealed
Martin Banszel concealed
Dave Hodder concealed
Trent Gamblin concealed
Christoph Ender concealed
Inigo Surguy concealed
Henrico Witvliet concealed
Mat Davis concealed
Michael Wookey concealed
Daniel Hahler concealed
Michael Vochazer concealed
Gintautas Miliauskas concealed
Glenn Cooke concealed
Jacob Mattingley concealed
Stephen Jackson concealed
Martin Ansdell-Smith concealed
Trenton Schulz concealed
Karl Ove Hufthammer concealed
Konstantin Lepa concealed
Ralf Norbert Sooth concealed
Thomas Volpini concealed
Al Budden concealed
Charles Norton concealed
Sepp Hell concealed
Anton Bobov concealed
Andreas Weber concealed
Donald Craig concealed
Dennis Benzinger concealed
Jean-Franšois BIGNOLLES concealed
Josh Strater concealed
Toshihisa Tanaka concealed
paul bennett concealed
Edgar Bonet concealed
Philipp Schmidt concealed
Simon Nicolussi concealed
Anthony Bull concealed
Paul Roe concealed
Colin Wood concealed
Facundo Casco concealed
Ray Hightower concealed
Yoshimitsu Yamada concealed
Christian Ramseyer concealed
Leqin Wu concealed
Nikush Patel concealed
Richard More concealed
Dan Chai concealed
Christine Spang concealed
Akash Ayare concealed
Bruno Sutic concealed
Zach Kelling concealed
Timothy Allen concealed
Joey Marianer concealed
Stuart Fehr concealed
Mihai Sucan concealed
Heiko Erhardt concealed
Martinho Fernandes concealed
John Pitney concealed
Sylvain Falardeau concealed
Owen Manley concealed
Lionel Fourquaux concealed

The amounts mentioned here are all the donations that someone made added together. For voting only donations in the past two years are counted, this may be less.


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