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user name MarcWeber
first name Marc
last name Weber
email marco-owebergmxde
registered Vim
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Script Contributions

vim-addon-background-cmd keep on working while compiling your project
QuickFixFilterUtil filter matched files in the quickfix window manually/ drop .svn .hg _darcs
outline Create your own custom view of the file based on regex
vimscript coding aids some coding aids for writing vim scripts
yet another svn script makes svn add /commit much easier from vim
switch files switch between .c and .h files or different path and same filename easily
vim-addon-sql alias sensitive SQL completion (MySQL, Postgresql, SQLite)
vim-addon-manager manage and update plugins easily
vim-addon-fcsh run adobe fcsh Flex compiler shell in background decreasing compilation times
vim-addon-actions keep list of actions you can bind to shortcuts easily on demand
vim-addon-mw-utils some utilities I wrote
vim-addon-completion select and cycle completion function
vim-addon-sbt run sbt (simple build tool) within vim using python background process
vim-haxe haxe language support
vim-addon-ocaml collected ocaml scripts - some completion - annotations
vim-addon-async asynchronous communication for Vim
vim-addon-json-encoding make Vim read and write JSON objects
vim-addon-signs work around the bad API of Vim setting, unsetting signs (markers at the left)
vim-addon-xdebug xdebug support for VIm using vim-addon-async
vim-addon-sml my sml support for Vim
lazysnipmate patched snipmate
vim-addon-haskell run cabal within vim using vim-addon-actions + some goodies
vim-addon-commenting minimal commenting plugin
vim-addon-rdebug minimal ruby rdebug implementation
vim-addon-ruby-debug-ide ruby-debug-ide implementation
vim-addon-commandline-completion provide nice selection of all completion choices in commandline
dummy test spam script uploaded by maint xx
dummy test spam script uploaded by maint xx
vim-addon-errorformats error-formats only
vim-addon-errorformats error formats for Vim
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