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vim-addon-async : asynchronous communication for Vim

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Marc Weber
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start external processes using VimL, write to their stdin and get notified when they produce output or kill the process when you're done.

This plugin also implements an experimental minimalistic terminal like interface so that you can run you favourite interpreter (irb, python, /bin/sh, sbt, scala, ...) inside a simple Vim buffer.

The API is non blocking and should be strong enough to enterface with debuggers etc.

Implementation details: You have to compile an external c helper application which interfaces with the external process notifying Vim about arriving stdout blocks by using the client-server feature.

Its used in production by me. Interface may still change slightly in the future. Under some conditions Vim crashes although it shouldn't. Try it and report how well it works for you.

If you've trouble getting started contact me.
install details
This plugin can be used on its own. Because some more (optional) dependencies may be added I recommend using vim-addon-manager for installing. See README file

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-addon-async-0.4.1.zip 0.4.1 2011-01-17 7.0 Marc Weber fix
vim-addon-async-0.4.zip 0.4 2011-01-17 7.0 Marc Weber depend on signs addon, drop input > prefix, add > to reply lines. Keep track of last reply line. See docs
vim-addon-async-0.3.2.zip 0.3.2 2011-01-16 7.0 Marc Weber fix quoting bug
vim-addon-async-0.3.1.zip 0.3.1 2011-01-15 7.0 Marc Weber python repl dict key completion support
vim-addon-async-0.3.zip 0.3 2011-01-15 7.0 Marc Weber repls scala,python,irb and completion work fine now
vim-addon-async-0.2.zip 0.2 2010-11-18 7.0 Marc Weber speed improvements (pass huge chunks using files), 0 byte support (example xdebug), ruby REPL
vim-addon-async-0.1.zip 0.1 2010-11-04 7.0 Marc Weber signal support, scala REPL completion, pid fix
initial.zip 0.0 2010-10-31 7.0 Marc Weber Initial upload
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