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user name ujihisa
first name ujihisa
last name .
email ujihisagmailcom
homepage http://ujihisa.blogspot.com
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Script Contributions

quickrun run a command and show its result quickly
blogger The only one vim script which handles Blogger. Powered by Metarw.
syntax/Gemfile.vim The syntax file of Gemfile which is used for a RubyGems library "Bundler"
unite-colorscheme A Unite.vim plugin for changing your colorscheme.
unite-font A Unite.vim plugin for changing your font.
unite-locate A Unite.vim plugin to find/open files easily, using locate command
unite-gem A Unite.vim plugin to search/install RubyGems packages easily, using gem command
tabpagecolorscheme Each tab have its own colorscheme
shadow.vim A plugin to support you code with a wrapper transparently in a pluggable way.
nclipper.vim copy lines into clipboard with the line numbers
neco-ghc A neocomplcache plugin for Haskell, using ghc extensions
neco-look A neocomplcache plugin for `/usr/bin/look` for completing words in English.
vimshell-ssh You can run Vim over ssh on Vim!
ft-cmake dict and snippet for cmake files (e.g. CMakeLists.txt)
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