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blogger : The only one vim script which handles Blogger. Powered by Metarw.

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ujihisa .
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See http://github.com/ujihisa/blogger.vim
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
blogger-2.5.zip 2.5 2011-01-27 7.0 ujihisa . * [Feature] Supports draft on blogger. (thanks to @mahm!)
blogger-2.4.zip 2.4 2010-11-13 7.0 ujihisa . * Removing peg-markdown Rubygems library dependency
blogger-2.3.zip 2.3 2010-08-15 7.0 ujihisa . * [Bugfix] Supports rpeg-markdown without rubygems
* [Feature] g:blogger_ruby_path for ~/.vimrc
blogger-2.2.zip 2.2 2010-07-17 7.0 ujihisa . * [Bugfix] Follows changes in nokogiri or blogger; you can edit posts again.
blogger-2.1.zip 2.1 2010-03-12 7.0 ujihisa . * [Bugfix] Supports bloggers who use "summarize" feature
blogger-2.0.zip 2.0 2010-03-06 7.0 ujihisa . * [Feature] Gist support. (Greatefully thanks to Sora Harakami!)
* `let g:blogger_gist = 1` allows you to post long code into gist automatically.
blogger-1.6.zip 1.6 2009-08-21 7.0 ujihisa . * [Feature] Uses gem net-https-wrapper
* [Feature] Ignores Hashes and Spaces before the title
blogger-1.5.zip 1.5 2009-07-28 7.0 ujihisa . * [Feature] Longer blogger:list
blogger-1.4.zip 1.4 2009-07-28 7.0 ujihisa . * [Bugfix] Enable to handle an old entry in show and update
* [Bugfix] Remove the last image which is automatically added by blogger web service
* [Bugfix] Automatically setl mkd filetype
blogger-1.3.zip 1.3 2009-06-22 7.0 ujihisa . * [Feature] Copy the new blog post URI into clipboard automaticaly in OS X
* [Feature] Switch to use pandoc from html2text
* [Bugfix] All bugs by html2text was solved
blogger-1.2.zip 1.2 2009-06-08 7.0 ujihisa . * [Feature] Automatically rename the fakepath after creating a blog post.
* [Bugfix] Enabled to post with Inline HTML
* [Feature] Added Rakefile for an installer (Thanks From Kyushu!)
* [Bugfix] Fixed the wrong install document (Thanks Karl Schudt!)
blogger-1.1.zip 1.1 2009-05-21 7.0 ujihisa . * [Feature] Changed the fakepath scheme of metarw
  * blogger:{blogid}:something -> blogger:something
  * This change needs you to add g:blogger_blogid on your vimrc
* [Bugfix] The bug which occurs in updating an exist blog post was fixed
* [Bugfix] The bug of the ways of handling the multi line codes of  html2text code was fixed
blogger.vim.zip 1.0 2009-05-18 7.2 ujihisa . Initial upload
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