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Script Contributions

cuteTodoList Manage to-do lists within vim
cgc.vim A compiler description for nVidia cg compiler
CodeOverview Display a graphical overview of code alongside a gvim window.
Cabal.vim Cabal, haskell's build system syntax coloration
cuteErrorMarker Display error marks on line which contain errors after compilation
Hoogle Add commands to use Hoogle within vim
powershellCall Allow the use of Powershell to evaluate some buffer lines
haskellFold Provide a foldexpr function which give nice folding for haskell files.
hlint Compiler definition for the hlint (haskell checker) tool
Wavefront's obj Syntax for wavefront's obj file format
Cppcheck compiler Compiler definition for cppcheck
Haskell Conceal Add some conceal operation to haskell's syntax
clang Clang compiler definition
Son of Obisidian Port of Visual Studio 2010 Son of obsidian color scheme
Selenitic Port of Visual Studio 2010 Selenetic color scheme
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