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user name coot
first name Marcin
last name Szamotulski
email cootriseupnet
registered Vim
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Script Contributions

AutomaticLaTeXPlugin Background compilation, completion, bib serch, toc and other nice features.
grsecurity grsecurity ftplugin to edit policy files and see grsec log messages (dmesg)
Shapley Values This scripts computes Some Shapley values for Gmes with Externalities
FTPDEV This is filetype plugin for vim scripts.
blue_sky light/dark color scheme for both gvim & vim
MapFinder Find Maps with vim patterns matching rhs.
bls bls: is a python script to list buffers opened in all (g)vim servers
System A way to use system commands with `: !`
CommandAlias Make aliases to vim command
ViewPort Make a buffer from part of a file
sunny Color scheme for __terminal__ vim
Pretty Args Pretty print for :args command
Enchanted Vim persistent very magic option
CRDispatcher dispatch CR in the command line
speedy super fast gulp task execution
vim-jobs Manage async jobs
vim-term Run programs in a terminal via :terminal command.
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