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user name brailsmt
first name Michael
last name Brailsford
email brailsmtyahoocom
homepage http://students.cs.byu.edu/~mtb6
registered Vim
user or sponsor
no, or user has chosen to conceal his donation

Script Contributions

bnf.vim Highlight BNFs
midnight.vim Dark blue, low contrast colorscheme.
User Defined Type Highlighter Generate vim highlighting groups from C++ typedefs, structs, and classes.
sql_iabbr.vim Makes all your favorite SQL keywords uppercase automatically.
tomatosoup.vim A humorous colorscheme based on tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches!
eruby.vim Highlight eruby code blocks within html.
midnight2.vim Dark blue, low contrast colorscheme.
C++ code template generator Generate C++ code templates based on the header file
waimea.vim Highlighting for Waimea config files
Scons compiler plugin Compiler plugin for scons.
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