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first name joey
last name twiddle
email joeyneuralyteorg
homepage http://hwi.ath.cx/
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Script Contributions

highlight_cursor.vim legacy workaround for a 486: highlights your cursor as a reverse character block
breakindent_beta.vim Improves indentation of wrapped lines by updating showbreak for current line.
windows_remember_size.vim Expands the current window when focused to the size you last gave it.
toggle_maximize.vim Keybinds to temporarily maximize the current window, squashing the rest.
navigation_enhancer.vim When moving between windows, uses history not cursor position to select target.
highlight_word_under_cursor.vim Temporary highlighting of all occurrences of the currently focused word.
highlight_line_after_jump.vim Briefly highlights the cursor line whenever the cursor jumps vertically.
blinking_statusline.vim Briefly flash the status line of the focused window whenever you change window.
back_to_recent_buffer.vim Goes back to the previous buffer (rather than C-O previous position).
last_edit_marker.vim Keybind to quickly return to the last code you edited.
RepeatLast.vim Provides [count]\. to repeat the last group of actions you performed.
move_until_char_changes.vim Moves up or down the file until a different character appears under the cursor
autoscroll.vim Automatically scrolls the window slowly so you can read a file hands-free
git_shade.vim Colors lines in different intensities according to their age in git's history
sexy_scroller.vim Smooth animation of the cursor and the page whenever they move, with easing.
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