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first name omi
last name taku
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homepage http://nanasi.jp/
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Script Contributions

batch.vim execute vim script in selected area.
catn.vim insert formatted numbering text.
textutil.vim Vim plugin for editing rtf,rtfd,doc,wordml files.
copypath.vim Copy current editing file path to clipboard.
AllBuffersToOneWindow.vim Bring all remote Vim window buffers together in one Vim window.
postmail.vim mail message posting plugin. (python required)
autoresize.vim Automatically Resizing Splitted Current Window Size Larger.
gen_vimoptrc.vim Generate vim option configuration file from option-window.
tabpage_sort.vim Sort vim7 tab page in 'buffer number' order.
undobranche_viewer.vim Undo Branches Explorer
head.vim easy reading file head or tail, with file prefix 'head:', 'tail:'.
auto_wc.vim update total character count of current editing file automatically.
zoom.vim control gui font size with "+" or "-" keys.
zshr.vim substitute and execute previous command.
cmdline-increment.vim increment, decrement commandline number.
rargs.vim read the contents of many files at one time.
spinner.vim fast buffer/file/tab/window switching plugin with only 3 keys.
ethna-switch PHP Ethna Action/View/Template File Switch Plugin.
ro-when-swapfound Open Vim in read-only mode when swapfile is found.
cmdline-insertdatetime insert date or datetime in command line.
reorder-columns reorder columns.
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