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postmail.vim : mail message posting plugin. (python required)

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created by
omi taku
script type
Send 'current editing buffer', or 'selected area of text' with email.
Most simplest usage is to execute :Mail command.

Supported Mail Auth type is
    - basic SMTP password Auth
    - POP before STMP Auth
    - Outbound Port 25 Blocking
    - GMail

This plugin needs '+python', '+iconv', '+multi_byte' and
Python is installed, and $PATH is appropriately set.

You can use :Mail command to send email.
See also postmail-example .

        send mail message.
        if [range] is selected, send selected text.
        if [range] is not selected, send current buffer.

:[range]Mail {to_mailaddress}
        send mail message to {to_mailaddress}.
        if [range] is selected, send selected text.
        if [range] is not selected, send current buffer.

:[range]Mail {to_mailaddress1} {to_mailaddress2}, {to_mailaddress3}
        send mail message to {to_mailaddress1}, {to_mailaddress2}, and
        if [range] is selected, send selected text.
        if [range] is not selected, send current buffer.

        send mail message.
        message is current buffer text.

:Mail mail@nanasi.jp
        send current buffer text to 'mail@nanasi.jp' address.

:6,20Mail mail@nanasi.jp
        send from line 6 to line 20 text to 'mail@nanasi.jp' address.
install details
1. Unzip postmail-vim-plugin.zip, and copy to 'plugin', 'doc' directory in
   your 'runtimepath' directory.

    $HOME/vimfiles (Windows)
    $HOME/.vim/ (Unix)

2. Edit 'postmail.conf' and setup mail server configuration.
    postmail.conf file encoding is same with &encoding value.

    :echo &encoding

3. Execute ':helptags' command to your runtimepath 'doc' directory.

    :helptags $HOME/vimfiles/doc (Windows)
    :helptags $HOME/.vim/doc (Unix)

postmail.conf file is mail server configuration file.
simply configuration file setup is to comment out, and replace some
configuration setting. See postmail.conf in your plugin directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
postmail-vim-plugin.zip 0.6 2009-12-04 7.0 omi taku refactoring plugin, and more easy setupable.
postmail.zip 0.5.3 2008-08-18 7.0 omi taku plugin/postmail.vim
- Add escape code if mail_encoding is 'ISO-2022-JP'.
postmail.zip 0.5.2 2008-08-16 7.0 omi taku - Change script name from 'sendmail' to 'postmail'.
- Change from 'Vimball' to 'zip' archive distribution.

sendmail.vba.zip 0.5.1 2008-08-14 7.0 omi taku version : 0.5.1

- Remove document. Move to document directory.
- Fix error check logic, 'sendmail.conf is not configured.'.

- Created.

- Send mail in background.

- Removed.

sendmail_doc_ja.zip 0.5.1 2008-08-14 7.0 omi taku Help Document In Japanese.
sendmail.vba 0.5 2008-08-13 7.0 omi taku Initial upload
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