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cygwin_utils.vim : utility functions for invoking *nix cmds in Windows/Cygwin (for use  in scripts)

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created by
Eric Van Dewoestine
script type
"   This script has been created as a means to hopefully make using
"   cygwin easier, so that scripts that utilize *nix commands can be
"   ported to windows.
"   Right now this script provides only a few funtions, but it may grow
"   over time.
"   I'm making sure that each function will be safe to use under *nix
"   (specifically linux, since that's what I use) by confirming that vim
"   is running under windows before executing any windows/cygwin
"   specific commands.
" Platform:
"   Windows:
"     Requires cygwin (http://cygwin.com).
"   *nux:
"     Should be safe to use any function defined within on *nix systems
"     since each function checks the platform before running system
"     specific commands.
"     However, if you don't want *nix users to have a dependency on this
"     plugin, you may define proxy functions that first check if a function
"     is defined before using it.
"     Ex. Defining a proxy function for translating paths based on OS.
"       function! s:DeterminePath (path)
"         if exists("*CygwinPath")
"           return CygwinPath(a:path)
"         endif
"         return a:path
"       endfunction
" Configuration:
"   Note: Configuration is only necessary on Windows machines.
"   g:CygwinHome
"     Set this to the location of your cygwin installation dir.
"     Ex.
"       let g:CygwinHome = 'c:/cygwin'
"     Note: Be careful using '\' in double quoted strings since
"     that represents the start of an escape character in vim.
"   On windows you will need to add your cygwin/bin directory to
"   your WINDOWS path.
"   So that unix commands can be executed from your dos console.
"   Also, I had issues using Windows' default temp directory.
"   Vim continually had issues accessing temp files (that I have
"   no control over).  It seems it was due to the spaces in the
"   directory path, so I changed my system %TMP% and %TEMP%
"   variables to point to c:\cygwin\tmp instead, and that solved
"   my issues.  You may have to do the same.
" Limitations:
"   All file and directory paths used in cygwin commands need to
"   be absolute.  When the vim shell is set to a cygwin shell, the
"   shell defaults to executing in the user's home directory.
"   Because of this, relative paths cannot be used.
install details
put in your plugin directory and read the Description section of the plugin for configuration details.

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cygwin_utils.vim 0.1 2004-12-05 6.0 Eric Van Dewoestine Initial upload
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