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user name ervandew
first name Eric
last name Van Dewoestine
email ervandewgmailcom
registered Vim
user or sponsor

Script Contributions

Archive Open archives in vim as a tree or flat list, w/ nesting support.
java_src_link.vim effective searching of src files for children, impls, tests, return values, args
deleted deleted
cygwin_utils.vim utility functions for invoking *nix cmds in Windows/Cygwin (for use in scripts)
SuperTab Do all your insert-mode completion with Tab.
Screen (vim + gnu screen/tmux) Simulate a split shell, using gnu screen or tmux, that you can send commands to.
Lookup ftplugin for vim files to quickly find element definition, occurrences, or docs
sgmlendtag Auto completion of sgml (html, xml, etc) end tags.
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