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Lookup : ftplugin for vim files to quickly find element definition, occurrences, or docs

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created by
Eric Van Dewoestine
script type
Lookup is a plugin for vim script developers which provides functionality to
quickly and easily lookup docs for vim elements, or in the case of user defined
functions, commands, or variables, find the definition or occurrences of the

While editing a vim file, you can lookup the element under the cursor using:


You can also map this command so that you simply need to hit <cr> on an element
to look it up by adding the following to a ftplugin/vim_lookup.vim file in your
vimfiles directory (%HOME%/vimfiles on Windows, ~/.vim on Linux/OSX):

  if bufname('%') !~ '^\(command-line\|\[Command Line\]\)$'
    nnoremap <silent> <buffer> <cr> :Lookup<cr>

For more details please see the lookup vim docs (:help lookup).

install details
1. Download the vimball (lookup.vba) to any directory.
2. Open the file in vim ($ vim lookup.vba)
3. Source the file (:so %)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
lookup.vba 1.0 2011-07-20 7.0 Eric Van Dewoestine Initial upload
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