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TortoiseSVN.vim : Support for TortoiseSVN (a subversion client for Windows)

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Tom Link
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TortoiseSVN.vim will commit the current buffer to your subversion
repository everytime you update the file or once per session (see
|tortoiseSvnCommitOnce|). The advantage over using command line svn
commands is that you get the TortoiseSVN GUI for committing files,
browsing the repository etc.

Some aspects of this plugin can be configured by setting the following
variables in your |vimrc| file.

    g:tortoiseSvnCmd :: The path to "TortoiseProc.exe".

    g:tortoiseSvnCommitOnce, b:tortoiseSvnCommitOnce :: If true, the
    buffer will be committed to the subversion repository only once
    (i.e., when saving the file for the first time).

    g:tortoiseSvnMenuPrefix :: If empty (''), no menu will be installed.

    g:tortoiseSvnStartCmd :: A command for detaching TortoiseProc.exe
    from the shell (e.g., start).

    g:tortoiseSvnInstallAutoCmd :: If false, no autocmd will be
install details
This plugin relies on TortoiseSVN (http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/) to be
installed. Windows only.

Copy TortoiseSVN.vim to your plugin directory (e.g., ~/.vim/plugins/).  
Make sure |g:tortoiseSvnCmd| points to "TortoiseProc.exe".

Also available via git

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
TortoiseSVN.zip 0.3 2005-08-21 6.0 Tom Link - g:tortoiseSvnInstallAutoCmd: 0=disable autocmd; 1=commit on BufUnload; 2=commit on BufWritePost
- most function accept now a filename as optional argument
- fixed problem with some "fileless" buffers
- fixed problem when leaving vim
TortoiseSVN.zip 0.2 2005-05-19 6.0 Tom Link - Make sure this works with cmd.exe as &shell (which is Windows standard)
- Make <SID>CanonicFileName(fname) &shell sensible
- Fixed a cut&paste error in the menu
TortoiseSVN.zip 0.1 2005-05-17 6.0 Tom Link Initial upload
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