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Script Contributions

File-local variables Set/let per-file-variables à la Emacs
Viki/Deplate A personal wiki for Vim
EvalSelection.vim evaluate selected code (vim, bash, ruby, python, perl, (mz)scheme, tcl, R, SPSS)
scalefont Switch between your favourite font/gui settings
tSkeleton File Templates and Code Skeletons/Snippets
tComment An extensible & universal comment plugin that also handles embedded filetypes
php_check_syntax.vim Check the syntax when saving or reading a php file
TortoiseSVN.vim Support for TortoiseSVN (a subversion client for Windows)
bibFindIndex Jump to an index in an alphabetically ordered file
please_remove_me [removed]
checksyntax Check for syntax errors (r, javascript, php, ruby, tex ...)
glark.vim a wrapper for the glark command (a grep-like utility)
tAssert Simple assertions, poor man's contracts for vim script
tGpg Yet another plugin for encrypting files with gpg
tEchoPair Display the matching parenthesis/pair in the echo area
tlib Some utility functions
tmru Most Recently Used Files
tselectfiles A quick file selector/browser/explorer (sort of)
tselectbuffer A quick buffer selector/switcher
tmboxbrowser A mbox browser -- Read your e-mails with vim
tbibtools bibtex-related utilities (sort, reformat, list contents ...)
ttoc A regexp-based table of contents of the current buffer
tregisters List, edit, and run/execute registers/clipboards
ttags Tag list browser (List, filter, preview, jump to tags)
trag A language-aware source code scanner (with support for git grep, ack, ag, sift)
hookcursormoved Facilitate definition of triggers on CursorMoved[I] events
tcalc A small ruby-based RPN-calculator
ttagecho Show current tag information
please remove me please remove me
ttagcomplete Context-sensitive tags-based completion and code skeletons
bbcode bbcode syntax and code templates
setsyntax Set options specific for the syntax group under cursor
cmdlinehelp Display help on the command currently being edited in the command line
loremipsum A dummy text generator
linglang Dynamically switch languages/settings in multi-lingual documents
shymenu Show the menu bar only when pressing an accelerator key
spec.vim Behaviour-driven design/testing for VIM script
quickfixsigns Show signs at lines with quickfix items (e.g. errors), VCS diffs & marks etc.
tmarks Browse, place, & delete marks
vikitasks A "distributed" todo lists manager for viki (with limited support for todo.txt)
startup_profile Profile vim startup
tplugin A plugin loader/runtimepath manager with autoload capabilities
rcom Evaluate R (www.r-project.org) code via rcom, rserve, screen, or tmux
tcommand Select and execute a command or menu item from a list
vimform Simple text-based forms for vim
presets Quickly switch between vim configurations
stakeholders Pimp up your old templates with dynamic place-holders
brep Scan certain buffers for a regexp and save the result as quickfix list
indentfolds Indentation-level based folds with a twist
tinykeymap Tiny, temporary keymaps
templator Multi-file project templates using skeleton/snippets engines
likelycomplete Collect & rank words for completion
enabler Load plugins/bundles as needed
autolinker Automatic links for any filetype (e.g. for a markdown/latex based wiki)
ttodo Edit, view, sort, and filter todo.txt files
autopack Load optional packs by command, map, filetype etc.
workbook Notebook-like interaction with R etc.
tstatus Monitor buffer-local options and variables in the statusline
autoproject Set buffer-local options, the working directory etc. specific to a project
vikibase A slimmed-down version of the viki plugin: a personal wiki
foldtext Folding support for some filetypes that don't do so by default
vimtags Create and update tags files with pure VIM (without ctags etc.)
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