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checksyntax : Check for syntax errors (r, javascript, php, ruby, tex ...)

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Tom Link
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The checksyntax plugin runs an external syntax checker for the current buffer
whenever the buffer is saved (by calling the |:CheckSyntax| command). Syntax
errors are managed as location or quickfix lists. If any syntax error occurs,
the |location-list| is opened (users can redefine |CheckSyntaxFail()| to change
this behaviour). You can use any |location-list| related command to navigate
the list of syntax errors.

Most syntax checks can be run asynchronously (from Vim 8 onwards or, for
Vim 7, if the AsyncCommand plugin is installed).


Manual invocation:
By default, |:CheckSyntax| is mapped to <F5> (if not mapped already), and
automatically executed when saving the buffer. If multiple syntax checkers are
defined for the given filetype, this will by default invoke the preferred (see
|g:checksyntax#preferred|) or first good (i.e. installed) syntax checker for a
given filetype.

:CheckSyntax! (with the optional <bang>) or <C-F5> will run all supported
syntax checkers for a given filetype if multiple syntax checkers are defined
for a given filetype and if the software is installed on your computer.

Automatic invocation:
In order to automatically run a syntax check when saving a file, please set
|g:checksyntax#auto_filetypes| or |g:checksyntax#auto_enable_rx| to an
appropriate value. If |g:checksyntax#auto_enable_rx| is set to '.', which
matches all filetypes, automatic syntax checks are enabled for all supported
filetypes. Automatic checks are equivalent to running |:CheckSyntax| with no

Supported filetypes~

The syntax checks are performed by external syntax checker. This software has
to be installed on your computer. Pre-defined syntax checkers are:

  bash         ... shellcheck, bash -n
  c, cpp       ... splint
  haskell      ... hlint, ghc-mod-check
  html         ... tidy
  java         ... jlint, checkstyle, pmd
  javascript   ... jshint, esprima, gjslint, jslint, jsl, pmd
  lua          ... luac (run luac -p)
  perl         ... perl (run perl -Wc)
  php          ... php (run php -l)
  python       ... pyflakes or pylint
  r            ... lintr
  ruby         ... ruby (run ruby -c)
  tex, latex   ... chktex (run chktex -q -v0)
  typescript   ... tsc
  viki         ... deplate
  vim          ... vint
  xhtml        ... tidy
  xml, docbk   ... xmllint, pmd

Syntax checker definitions are kept in:

Run this command to find out, which filetypes are supported: >

  :echo globpath(&rtp, 'autoload/checksyntax/defs/*.vim')
install details
Edit the vba file and type: >

    :so %

See :help vimball for details. If you have difficulties or use vim 7.0,
please make sure, you have the current version of vimball (vimscript
#1502) installed or update your runtime.

Also available via git: http://github.com/tomtom/checksyntax_vim/

Optional enhancements~

If the quickfixsigns plugin (vimscript #2584) is installed, lines containing
syntax errors will be marked with signs.

The tinykeymap plugin (vimscript #4199) can be used to quickly move from one
issue to the next by using it's quickfix or location-list maps (see
|g:tinykeymap#map#qfl#map| and |g:tinykeymap#map#loc#map|).

For vim8+: Checks will be run asynchronously by default.

For vim7: If AsyncCommand (vimscript #3431) is installed, syntax checks can
be peformed asynchronously -- see also |g:checksyntax#run_alternatives|,
|g:checksyntax#run_all_alternatives| and |g:checksyntax#async_runner|. This
requires a version of vim with |clientserver| support and |v:servername| to be
set (for vim see also |--servername|).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
checksyntax.zip 5.00 2017-03-11 7.0 Tom Link - Renamed g:checksyntax_enable_syntax to g:checksyntax#enable_syntax (allow g:checksyntax#enable_syntax_{&ft}; g:checksyntax#enable_syntax_
- Trailing whitespace: Ignore before cursor position
- tabs: highlight tabs
- checkergen: JIT generation of checker definitions (e.g. multiple targets for haxe)
- FIX #20: missing comma in defs/lua.vim
- FIX #21: s:Open(): lines was undefined
- VimCheckSyntaxError: if =: ignore text after a "|" char
- s:Open(): redraw! after resize
- checksyntax#defs#haxe#Gen(): chxml is undefined if :HaxeCtags does not exist
- FIX #22: mention perl support in docs
- checksyntax#GetList(): Return only unique items
- async_handler.get: Set bg & manually
- Haskell: Support for hlint
- vim syntax: Highlight "else if"
- haskell: Support for ghc-mod check
- checksyntax#Check(): check if key "make_defs" exists
- Support for shellcheck
- Initial support for rust
- Scala: use fsc for basic checks
- Scala: use -Xlint
- FIX #24: Default value for g:checksyntax#async_runner
- Add flake8 for checking python syntax and fix a bug
- Simple definition for checking sourcode written in Google Go
- Merge pull request #26 from thorn1976/master
- s:GetDefsByFiletype(): Return {} if buffer was modified
- Duplicate helptags
- Merge pull request #25 from yan12125/master
- FIX #25: s:GetValidAlternatives(): correct handling of "first" option
- FIX #27: perl: Don't include -W flag
- checksyntax#Check(): preferred_rx as 3th optional argument
- checksyntax#RemoveJob(): Call TStatusForceUpdate() if necessary
- haxe: Support for checksyntax
- Add PHP_CodeSniffer checker for php.
- phpcs: Use correct autoload variable names
- php: Support for phpcs
- tstatus integration
- javascript: Updated gjslint definition
- Merge pull request #31 from machinshin/patch-1
- FIX javascript/gjslint efm
- Support for vim8 async jobs
- Updated r checker
- Misc improvments to async checks
- vim8: Revert callbacks
- Implemented some checkers as compilers for easier testing
- Run vint on autoload/checksyntax.vim, chktex.vim
- Support for vint (vim source files)
- Support for csslint
- Done(): How to handle loclists, when the buffer has changed?
- Re-implemented scala checkers to compilers
- checksyntax#GetChecker(): Optional is a regexp matching the names of eligible checkers
- php: scriptencoding
- r: Use ignore_rx
- scalastyle: Define CheckSyntaxScalaStyleCmd() only once
- Support for rmd (use r)
- Misc refactoring, edits
- Retrieve compiler parameters only once
- Re-Implemented more checkers as compilers; removed some if_executable and convert_filename entries (those should be automatically detected)
- :CheckSyntax, checksyntax#Check(): optional arguments have changed; background is set via g:checksyntax#background
- checksyntax#Check(): FIX optional arguments in autocommand
MD5 checksum: b346b86f808dc7ca3bc312103dd0d0be
checksyntax.vba 4.03 2014-03-26 7.0 Tom Link - g:checksyntax#null: upper-case NUL
- Don't perform auto-checks when dying
- g:checksyntax_enable_syntax: Highlight frequent beginner errors by means of regexps; set s:vimleave on VimLeave
- g:checksyntax_enable_syntax: Improved handling; option to mark trailing whitespace
- checksyntax_enable_syntax: Use own highlight group
- vim syntax: Minor improvments
- javascript: FIX no scope for global variables
- Support for haxe
- haxe: use -D no-compilation
- FIX #19: Don't emulate autochdir if it isn't enabled
- g:checksyntax_enable_syntax: disable by default
MD5 checksum: 2870d7ccd62e1d7990665b07123c9da0
checksyntax.vba 4.02 2014-03-06 7.0 Tom Link - checksyntax#Check(): Use fnameescape() for :lcd
- php: Facilitate changing cmd & args
- s:Executable(): Fix windows vs cygwin executables
- r: Disable svTools::lint (it's only a shortcut to codetools)
MD5 checksum: 59a1082c5e936b66f38b4a9e873516eb
checksyntax.vba 4.01 2014-02-26 7.0 Tom Link - Fix #17: error when running with noautochdir
- Remove debug info
MD5 checksum: 59458811257639ba95f13068aa0d289f
checksyntax.vba 4.00 2014-02-24 7.0 Tom Link - Move AsyncCommand related code to autoload/checksyntax/async/asynccommand.vim
- Check validity of g:checksyntax#async_runner only when running an async check
- Compile to /dev/null; properly handle tasks for async tasks
- g:checksyntax#auto_enable_rx and g:checksyntax#auto_disable_rx replace g:checksyntax#auto_mode
- javascript: Initial support for checkTypes by closure compiler
- javascript: closure: g:checksyntax#defs#javascript#closure_warnings
- Misc changes (use checksyntax#AddChecker() to define checkers) & cleanup
- Don't use async if v:servername is empty (vim with clientserver)
- Re-enable support for "top-level field"; some support for cygwin; misc improvements
- Don't check for cygwin on non-windows OS
- FIX pass filename when running synchronously
- Minor improvement to acync commands
- Support for scalastyle
- Improved use of scalastyle
- Support for pmd (java, javascript, xml); new options: cmd_args, buffers
- Disable support for jlint
- pmd: Use cmdexpr to provide for buffer-local options
- Don't run make_def, if cmd is set but empty
- scala: Use sbt scalastyle if there is a scalastyle-config.xml in the same dir as build.sbt
- Make the qfl/loc window adapt to the length of the issues list
- Facilitate configuration of showing the error list
- Use :resize to set qfl window height
MD5 checksum: 1838eb8aeb4748b55d50511fc9fc6380
checksyntax.vba 3.00 2014-02-07 7.0 Tom Link - addon-info
- Help template
- g:checksyntax#preferred defaults to {'xml': '.'}
- g:checksyntax['xml'] use auto: 0 for xmllint
- javascript: Support for esvalidate (esprima)
- javascript: default to jshint
- Support for running checkers asynchronously (requires the AsyncCommand vim plugin)
- Updated errorformat for jslint 0.2.7
- Support for typescript compiler (requires https://github.com/leafgarland/typescript-vim)>- Experimental: Enable async processing when performing a full check (:CheckSyntax!) if AsyncCommand is installed
- checksyntax#Check(): When mixing async & sync processing, don't show issue list if a check is still pending
- When mixing sync & async & no pending checks: Include async results in sync results
- Removed support for syntastic
- async_handler.get(): Properly handle issues list when the last check yielded no new issues
- Use job_ids to check for pending tasks
- g:checksyntax#async_runner and related vars is set based on exists(':AsyncMake')
- Show info about pending jobs (also support toptions_vim)
- Correctly handle makeprgs with full filename
- GetList(): Correctly handle "process_list" property
- r options: Add --ess
- Reset pending tasks, when calling CheckSyntax before all async tasks were completed
- Improved integration with toptions_vim
- R checker defaults to codetools::checkUsage
- Tentative integration with airline
- Support for tstatus (replaces toptions)
MD5 checksum: c9a7ae5304038568ea2309ed13c8ed96
checksyntax.vba 2.03 2013-01-06 7.0 Tom Link - Included missing files in vba (fixes #16)
MD5 checksum: 40c9ea31d916db1ff5f22ec1c4af14c3
checksyntax.vba 2.02 2012-11-23 7.0 Tom Link - Support for perl (by TheAthlete)
- s:Make(): Echo v:exception & v:throwpoint
- checksyntax#Alternative(): Copy top-level properties
- Don't change the checker definition when dealing with alternatives (reported by techlivezheng)
MD5 checksum: d2d95bcff1d039497bc9c95cdb7a0ea1
checksyntax.vba 2.01 2012-08-28 7.0 Tom Link - Extra syntax checker definitions was prematurely removed after running a single syntax checker
- Facilitate customization of maps (g:checksyntax_key_single, g:checksyntax_key_all)
- process_list attribute for syntax checker definitions
- Support for R (lint::lint, svTools::lint)
- s:Executable(): Run executable() only once
- SyntasticLoadChecker(): Accept filetype as optional argument
- Support for jshint
MD5 checksum: 617a9cc8fd1fac7533e75b721106f2ad
checksyntax.vba 2.00 2012-08-27 7.0 Tom Link - Enable syntax checks when loading a file (disabled by default)
- g:checksyntax#auto_mode: Default auto mode (fixes #10)
- g:checksyntax#debug
- s:GetDef(ft): Remove syntax checker definition if the command is not executable
- Fix duplicate errors (closes bug #7)
- checksyntax#auto_mode: 0 disable, 1 enable, 2 force (fixes #12)
- checksyntax: "if" and "alternatives" fields; removed g:checksyntax_javascript
- define g:checksyntax in plugin/checksyntax.vim in order to facilitate customisation
- s:GetDef(ft): If empty(rv), check if the rest of alternatives is empty
- Move syntax checker definitions to autoload/checksyntax/&filetype.vim
- php: run with php -l -d error_log= -d error_reporting=E_PARSE
- Remove outdated references to failrx and okrx
- Move syntax checker definitions to autoload/checksyntax/defs/
- Experimental support for syntastic syntax checkers.
- debug message
- Support for SyntasticLoadChecker()
- checksyntax#Require(): Return 0 if filetype is empty
- efm for jruby (see https://github.com/tomtom/checksyntax_vim/pull/13)>- Run php with "-d display_errors=0" (fixes #7)
- php: Use -d display_errors=0
- checksyntax#syntastic#Require(): Make sure not to replace existing defintions
- Experimental: Prepare for running all valid alternatives
- Prepare for run_alternatives == "all"
- Javascript: Support for jslint (fixes #14)
- Run multiple syntax checkers (fixes #15)
- javascript: Remove run_alternatives = all
- Improved running all alternatives
- Improved support for syntastic syntax checkers (in conjunction with run_alternatives == all)
- :CheckSyntax! runs all alternatives (not the alternative syntax checker); use g:checksyntax#preferred for selecting the preferred checker
- checksyntax#Name(): Also consider the value of compiler
- s:CompleteItem(): Improved display of error message
- checksyntax#Alternative(): Define an alternative
- Updated syntax checker definitions for java, php, python
- checksyntax#syntastic#Require(): Use checksyntax#Alternative()
- checksyntax#syntastic#Require(): handle yet undefined filetypes
- Syntastic: Improved display of the checker name
- Support for bash -n
- Call bash -n only if shell =~ bash
- Facilitate configuration of g:checksyntax#prototypes.
- Map <c-f5> to CheckSyntax!
MD5 checksum: dfe8b09008f5106fdf7886d4c4cd5fb6
checksyntax.vba 1.03 2012-01-21 7.0 Tom Link - checksyntax#Check: Check &modified before anything else
- .gitignore
- Support for "modified" property
- Check executable() when setting the *.auto property.
- When eclim is installed: Set g:checksyntax.php.auto, not b:checksyntax.php.auto
- Do not map `<F5>` if it is used already.
- Use either location list (default) or optionally the quickfix list
- CheckSyntaxFail(): call .Open(); fixes #6
- Tackle issue #7 ... maybe
- php is now forced to display parse errors even when in production mode
- Rename s:prototypes to g:checksyntax#prototypes
MD5 checksum: dfe8b09008f5106fdf7886d4c4cd5fb6
checksyntax.vba 1.01 2011-05-26 7.0 Tom Link - checksyntax#Check: Check &modified before anything else
- .gitignore
- Support for "modified" property
- Check executable() when setting the *.auto property.
- When eclim is installed: Set g:checksyntax.php.auto, not b:checksyntax.php.auto
- Do not map `<F5>` if it is used already.
- Use either location list (default) or optionally the quickfix list
- CheckSyntaxFail(): call .Open(); fixes #6
MD5 checksum: 4425f1434baa8795fbccec38721eef67
checksyntax.vba 1.01 2010-11-11 7.0 Tom Link - Experimental support for python: pyflakes, pylint
- redraw before calling CheckSyntaxSucceed/CheckSyntaxFail
- Make sure we're in the right buffer
MD5 checksum: f94781c5748200e809a28562a692ed6b
checksyntax.vba 1.0 2010-10-29 7.0 Tom Link - checksyntax_compiler_{&ft} & checksyntax_cmd_{&ft} variables can be buffer local
- The info maintained as g:checksyntax_* variables is now kept in a dictionary named g:checksyntax
- Support for gjslint
- Some bug fixes (e.g. tidy)
checksyntax.vba.gz 0.5 2009-09-26 7.0 Tom Link - use vim compilers if available (e.g., tidy, xmllint ...)
- Support for jsl (javascript lint).
- Support for jlint.
- Support for lua (thanks to norman)
- Don't automatically check php files if eclim is installed.
- Allow auto_* parameters to be buffer local.
- FIX: Unlet current_compiler, use g:current_compiler
- FIX: garbled screen: use redraw! (thanks to Vincent de Lau)
- FIX: makeprg was restored in the wrong window
checksyntax.zip 0.3 2005-12-12 6.0 Tom Link Initial upload
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