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quickfixsigns : Show signs at lines with quickfix items (e.g. errors), VCS diffs & marks etc.

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created by
Tom Link
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Display |signs| at interesting lines:

    - items in the |quickfix| and |location-lists| (e.g. compilation errors)
    - |marks| a-zA-Z
    - changes (given the file is under a VCS like git, svn, mercurial,
      or bazaar -- see |g:tlib#vcs#def| for a list of supported VCSs)
    - breakpoints: vim
    - cursor position
    - relative line numbers (show numbers only until the cursor moves;
      this requires that you add the following command to |vimrc|:
        noremap <silent> <leader><c-l> :call quickfixsigns#RelNumbersOnce()<cr>
    - etc.

Other lists can be configured via the |g:quickfixsigns_lists| variable.

The text attached to a quickfix or location-list entry is displayed in a
balloon via 'balloonexpr'.
NOTE: This could cause a conflict with other plugins that make use of

If you want nicer looking images instead of the ASCII markers, you have
to change the following signs' definition either in your |vimrc| file or
in $VIMFILES/after/plugin/quickfixsigns.vim (by use of |sign-define|):

    QFS_QFL ... Entries in the |quickfix| list
    QFS_LOC ... Entries in the |location-list|
    QFS_Mark_[a-zA-Z] ... Marks
    QFS_CURSOR ... Current cursor position
    QFS_BREAKPOINT ... Breakpoints
    QFS_REL_x ... Relative line numbers
    QFS_VCS_{ADD,DEL,CHANGE} ... VCS changes (see also

quickfixsigns includes some icons from the open icon library. See
http://openiconlibrary.sourceforge.net for details.
install details
Requirements: has('signs')

Edit the vba file and type: >

    :so %

See :help vimball (vimscript #1502) for details.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
quickfixsigns.vba 1.05 2014-04-02 7.0 Tom Link - FIX: regexp-related error @ windows: properly escape backslashes
MD5 checksum: 7e465b9bdccd1736746d8f02ba4637e9
quickfixsigns.vba 1.04 2014-03-27 7.0 Tom Link - FIX #48: Omit 3rd arg for getbufvar() (vim 7.3 compatibility)
MD5 checksum: 556e79d0556d77801d76c634f7a3be50
quickfixsigns.vba 1.03 2014-03-26 7.0 Tom Link - FIX: set quickfix signs when loaded after vim_starting
- Additional icon files from the open icon library
- Use different signs for errors & warnings (closes #42)
- g:quickfixsign_type_rx: patch suboptimal 'errorformat' definitions (fix #42)
- Changed icons
- FIX #42: Use "*" if &ft is empty (it is never unset)
- Configurable g:quickfixsign_timeout (default value for timeout option)
- Remove InsertChange from g:quickfixsigns_events
- g:quickfixsigns_blacklist_buffer matches full filename (don't check buffers with empty filenames)
- Minor improvements to avoid unnecessary updates (fix #43)
- Call s:UpdateLineNumbers() only if necessary
- g:quickfixsign_use_dummy: Option to set dummy sign (fix #44)
- Make sure to use new IDs for dummy signs
- Set the dummy sign ID correctly
- g:quickfixsign_use_dummy defaults to 1
- g:quickfixsigns_class_vcsdiff: Update on FocusGained events
- Add -bar to command definitions
- Call s:UpdateLineNumbers() only when the list has actually changed
- g:quickfixsigns_class_vcsdiff: Remove FocusGained event Caused infinite loop when calling git etc.
- doc: fix grammar/typos with "Adding new sign classes"
- :QuickfixsignsSet: Takes sign classes as optional arguments
- quickfixsigns_register is script-local; FIX #47: Use g:quickfixsigns_lists to toggle state
- Call RemoveBuffer on BufDelete, not BufUnload (fix #46)
MD5 checksum: 415d45c58cbbce01e276d80685ce3096
quickfixsigns.vba 1.02 2014-02-24 7.0 Tom Link - vcsdiff: Trigger on BufRead instead of BufEnter events (fixes #30)
- vcsdiff: Trigger update on FocusGained events
- vcsdiff: cache intermediate results
- quickfixsigns#vcsdiff#GetList(): Make sure to return a list (fixes #32)
- vcsdiff: Change signs to be more like diff -y
- vcsdiff: Removed FocusGained event (fixes #33)
- Don't unplace signs on BufUnload events
- Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Chronial/vim-quickfixsigns into vcsdiff_deletes
- vcsdiff: Support for alternative list display (see https://github.com/Chronial/vim-quickfixsigns/commit/1cf739c790746157c3cb9b6234c1454333397c9e)
- QuickfixsignsBalloon(): use elseif
- Help template
- Blacklist unite buffers
- Provide an example with "Sign Regexp" input
- Fix off-by-one error
- Display debug message, if quickfixsigns_max is reached
- Merge branch 'debug-info-with-max-reached' of https://github.com/blueyed/quickfixsigns_vim
- Support for setting maxsigns per class (closes #38)
- g:quickfixsigns#vcsdiff#list_type defaults to 1; use scriptencoding
- g:quickfixsigns#vcsdiff#del_numbered: If enabled, add a number to DEL signs to indicate the number of deleted lines (fixes #37)
- Use own colors
MD5 checksum: df86c09e3a6fca2f363fcfd2af7d9fd5
quickfixsigns.vba 1.01 2013-03-27 7.0 Tom Link - Debug: Removed check for invalid line numbers (e.g. fugitive's Glog uses qfl for file lists only)
- QuickfixsignsRemoveBuffer(): take a bufnr as argument (not a bufname)
- Rename QuickfixsignsRemoveBuffer() to s:RemoveBuffer()
- Call s:PurgeRegister() on BufLeave events (not CursorHold)
- quickfixsigns#AssertUniqueSigns(): Additional debug message: Empty bsign1
- s:Redir(): Protect against verbose != 0
- QuickfixsignsUnique(): Collapse multiple items at one line
- QuickfixsignsBalloon(): Make sure the balloon text doesn't include \n if !has('balloon_multiline')
- s:UpdateLineNumbers(): Don't update line numbers if bufnr <= 0
- g:quickfixsigns_class_loc: Update on QuickFixCmdPost events
- QuickfixsignsSelect(): Clear unselected signs
- QuickfixsignsSet(): match g:quickfixsigns_blacklist_buffer against the base filename
- QuickfixsignsToggle command
- s:Redir: Deal with :redir bug
- Merge branch 'toggle' of https://github.com/iNecas/quickfixsigns_vim
- Blacklist buffers used by nerdtree & minibufferexplorer (fixes #23).
- Optional enhancement: use tinykeymap (vimscript #4199) to move between signs/sign groups (closes #24)
- quickfixsigns#AssertUniqueSigns(): buffer sign is a dictionary now; use bsign.sign
- readme: don't mention tlib as dependency (fixes #25)
- UpdateLineNumbers(): bufnrsigns[sign.id] = sign.lnum
- b:quickfixsigns_ignore: Ignore sign classes per buffer
- addon-info
- allow to customize QFS_VCS_* signs
- Avoid irrelevant checks when no buffer signs will be displayed
MD5 checksum: 8dbfd054978cc99491cf9fbe150cd636
quickfixsigns.vba 1.00 2012-02-03 7.0 Tom Link - g:quickfixsigns_debug, quickfixsigns#AssertUniqueSigns()
- Be smarter at detecting old signs that already exist: s:SignExistsAt() etc.
- debugging
- if !exists('g:quickfixsigns_class_rel2')
- QuickfixsignsSet: clean up
- QuickfixsignsDisable, QuickfixsignsEnable commands (fixes #12)
- Don't call QuickfixsignsSet during startup (fixes #13)
- Use full filenames
- GetLocList(): call getloclist with the window number
- quickfixsigns#AssertUniqueSigns: Debug message includes bufnr
- s:GetScopeTest(): Build query in advance if possible
- QuickfixsignsRemoveBuffer() on BufDelete events
- don't allow external diff applications for git
- Make the highlight group for mark sign user configurable (teranex)
- Distinguish between buffer-local and global marks
- Try 1 to fix SetItemId etc.
- Explicitely set the sign level for most sign classes
- Make sure item.sign is the actual sign (not a generator function)
- Events for "cursor" class: BufEnter, CursorHoldI?, CursorMovedI?
- Removed use of always_new
- vcsdiff: Changed how DEL lines are displayed
- Remove s:PruneRegister()
- Debug: quickfixsigns#CheckBuffers()
- autocmd BufDelete: Forgot the pattern
- Don't place signs for unloaded buffers
- call QuickfixsignsRemoveBuffer() also on BufUnload
- Rename quickfixsigns#CheckBuffers() -> quickfixsigns#AssertNoObsoleteBuffers(register)
- Update line numbers in order to avoid unnecessarily setting signs
- s:UpdateLineNumbers(): Debug messages on internal errors
- g:quickfixsigns#use_relativenumber = v:version >= 703
- Call cd only for diff command (don't cd vim's dir; fixes #15)
- Reset ikey after updating line numbers (avoid inconsistent registry entries & duplicate signs)
- Call QuickfixsignsRemoveBuffer() also on BufWipeout events
- Call s:PurgeRegister() on CursorHoldI? events
- s:BufferSigns(): Return empty list if :sign-place returns fewer than 2 lines
- BufferSigns(): Show debug message only if g:quickfixsigns_debug is true
- Update signs also in QuickfixsignsBalloon()
- Update signs also in QuickfixsignsBalloon()
- QuickfixsignsBalloon(): Don't update signs (undo previous change)
- Guess vcs type (replaced g:quickfixsigns#vcsdiff#cmds with g:quickfixsigns#vcsdiff#vcs)
- Search for guess vcs type only once.
- quickfixsigns#vcsdiff#GetList(): Set last_del also on CHANGEs
- Consistently use bufloaded
- UpdateLineNumbers(): Remove old items only when the items match
- Display "Invalid lnum" message only when g:quickfixsigns_debug is set (fixes #16)
- UpdateLineNumbers(): Avoid duplicate signs
- Support for bzr
- quickfixsigns#vcsdiff#GuessType(): Make sure to pick the lower repo directory
- Run brz diff with -U0
- Show diffs on first and last line
- Make svn diff use "diff -U0"
- UpdateLineNumbers(): Use str2nr(), not char2nr()
MD5 checksum: 00e4af7843f2619e55ee3cee3e614240
quickfixsigns.vba 0.14 2011-05-18 7.0 Tom Link - Take more care to run autocommands on the right buffer
- vcsdiff: always run the vcs command in the buffer's directory
- make last_run buffer-local
- make last_run buffer-local
- QuickfixsignsBalloon: Error after recent change
- .gitignore
- Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tomtom/quickfixsigns_vim
- Support for git combined diff format
- Don't run vcsdiff#GetList() in special buffers (reported by rememberthemer)
- Doc review
- Do not change directory to current buffer's.
- Included the doc fixes by blueyed into the doc template.
- Merge git://github.com/blueyed/quickfixsigns_vim
- quickfixsigns#vcsdiff#GetList(): Ignore files that are not readable
- s:PlaceSign(): E706: Variable type mismatch for: item https://github.com/tomtom/quickfixsigns_vim/issues/#issue/7
- s:SetItemId() returns {} if item.bufnr == -1 (fix issue #7?)
- quickfixsigns#RelNumbersOnce(): temporarily enable &cul and &cuc
- s:ClearBuffer(): Check bufnr(def.bufnr) != -1 (issue #9)
- quickfixsigns#RelNumbersOnce(): Remove highlighting also on TabLeave and WinLeave events
- Clear*(): duplicate code
- always_new: avoid wrong optimizations for certain sign classes (e.g. vcsdiff), fixes #10
MD5 checksum: 542b6deeb5a0505f5bd6cfcaaeca9c57
quickfixsigns.vba 0.13 2010-12-29 7.0 Tom Link - QuickfixsignsSelect(): check if g:quickfixsigns_class_{what} exists
MD5 checksum: 833e1a48f7a3d7460ae29795fb328be4
quickfixsigns.vba 0.12 2010-12-28 7.0 Tom Link - 'test' field; additional test if a sign should be updated (e.g. update _cursor only if lnum has changed)
- breakpoints (currently vim only)
- set g:quickfixsigns#vcsdiff#loaded
- g:quickfixsigns_class_cursor: remove test (interferes with put & delete-like commands)
- breakpoints: test for a known filetype
- QuickfixsignsSet(event, ?classes=[])
- Disable the 'cursor' class by default.
- Set b:quickfixsigns_last_line
MD5 checksum: 936abcfd67be7efe52fb0f85481c8665
quickfixsigns.vba 0.11 2010-11-15 7.0 Tom Link - Don't check the buffer number in s:ClearBuffer()
- Improved handling of scopes (vim, buffer)
- Always include the bufnr in the ID
- FIX: upper case marks
- Increase g:quickfixsigns_max = 500
MD5 checksum: 6fa3a5dd60e62af094f7f7fe41d8695f
quickfixsigns.vba 0.10 2010-11-11 7.0 Tom Link - quickfixsigns#vcsdiff#GuessType(): use b:git_dir if set (by fugitive)
- vcsdiff: Support for hg, svn
- run qfl/loc checks more also on CursorHold & QuickfixCommandPost events
- Experimental support for icons (currently assumes that gnome icons 16x16 are ok)
- Support for sign classes that affect all buffers (all_buffers != 0)
- Avoid unnecessary updates
- Simplify handling of ids (construct a global id based on the sign definition)
- Include icons from the open icon library
- marks: Don't use own ID generator
- s:PruneRegister()
- Don't display icons on windows
MD5 checksum: 2ba95f98307ea61db8de28d6e60fb61b
quickfixsigns.vba 0.9 2010-10-02 7.0 Tom Link - Don't require qfl.item.text to be set
- b:noquickfixsigns: If true, disable quickfixsigns for the current buffer (patch by Sergey Khorev; must be set before entering a buffer)
- b:quickfixsigns_ignore_marks: A list of ignored marks (per buffer)
- Support for relative line numbers
- QuickfixsignsSet command
- quickfixsigns#RelNumbersOnce()
- Support for vcs diff (this requires either b:vcs_type or b:VCSCommandVCSType to be set to a supported vcs, e.g. git)
quickfixsigns.vba.gz 0.5 2009-09-26 7.0 Tom Link - Set balloonexpr only if empty (don't try to be smart)
- Disable CursorMoved(I) events, when &lazyredraw isn't set.
quickfixsigns.vba.gz 0.4 2009-03-29 7.0 Tom Link - FIX: Error when g:quickfixsigns_marks = [] (thanks Ingo Karkat)
- s:ClearBuffer: removed old code
- QuickfixsignsMarks(state): Switch the display of marks on/off.
quickfixsigns.vba.gz 0.3 2009-03-29 7.0 Tom Link - Old signs weren't always removed
- Avoid "flicker" etc.
- g:quickfixsigns_max: Don't display signs if the list is longer than n items.

Incompatible changes:
- Removed g:quickfixsigns_show_marks variable
- g:quickfixsigns_marks: Marks that should be used for signs
- g:quickfixsigns_lists: event field is a list
- g:quickfixsigns_lists: timeout field: don't re-display this list more often than n seconds
quickfixsigns.vba.gz 0.2 2009-03-17 7.0 Tom Link GLVS, minor fix
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