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autoproject : Set buffer-local options, the working directory etc. specific to a project

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Tom Link
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In most IDEs users have to manually set up a list of projects. The goal of this
plugin is to semi-automatically maintain such a list of projects and corresponding

Projects are defined by their root directory. A project directory is detected
when creating a buffer or reading a file into a buffer by searching for certain
files that typically define a project, like Makefile, setup.py etc. -- see
|g:autoproject#cd#markers| for a full list. If no such a marker is found, the
buffer's directory is used.

If the detection of the project's root directory goes wrong, users can use
|:Autoprojectregister| to define a directory as a root directory. Such custom
root directories will be reused when opening the respective file again.

After the working directory is determined, it checks whether there is a file
`project.vim` or `.autoproject/buffer.vim` (see also
|g:autoproject#projectrc#buffer_conig|). If the file exists, it gets loaded. This
file typically sets project-related settings and variables, i.e., you have to
use |:setlocal| (instead of :set) and use buffer-local |b:| variables.

The autoproject plugin keeps track of projects so that you can switch back to a
project later on (see |:Autoprojectselect|). It also provides support for
creating sessions (see |:Autoprojectmksession|) that will automatically be
loaded when entering the respective project.


- Detect a file's project root directory (see |g:autoproject#cd#markers|).
- Load a project-specific vim configuration file (see
- Maintain a list of projects (i.e. project root directories). Use
  |:Autoprojectregister| to register an arbitrary directory. Use
  |:Autoprojectselect| to quickly open a file in a previously opened project.
  When a project is selected this way, the file `.autoproject/global.vim` (see
  |g:autoproject#projectrc#global_config|) is loaded if it exists.
- Maintain project-specific sessions that were created with
  |:Autoprojectmksession| (see also |g:autoproject_enable_sessions| and

How to use this plugin:~

- Load a file ... done
    - Report wrongly detected project directories to the plugin author
- Use |:Autoprojectselect| to switch to a project.
- Optionally, use |:Autoprojectmksession| to create a session for the current
  project. Don't forget to use |:Autoprojectleavesession| to save changes to
  the session file when you're done.
install details
Either use the zip archive:
    - Download the zip archive
    - Extract it to `~/.vim/pack/tml/start/autoproject`

or install from github:
    - Start a terminal
    - Change the working directory to `~/.vim/pack/tml/start/`
    - Type: `git clone https://github.com/tomtom/autoproject_vim`

NOTE: If you don't want to run this plugin on startup, use

NOTE: On Windows, ~/.vim might be ~/vimfiles. Please see 'runtimepath' for


This script requires tlib (vimscript #1863) to be installed -- see

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
autoproject.zip 0.02 2017-05-02 7.0 Tom Link - autoproject#cd#ChangeDir(): FIX properly handle fallback markers & home directory
- On startup: Don't forget about the current buffer (opened from the command line)
- Use the BufEnter event to set the cd
- g:autoproject#projectrc#buffer_config: .project.vim and _project.vim replaces project.vim
- Maps: properly escape filenames
SHA256 checksum: c7d6b45462f66016eb4f8acac9725d645c4b0f28759cad81bf6bf980b1d5016a
autoproject.zip 0.01 2017-04-21 8.0 Tom Link Initial upload
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