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setsyntax : Set options specific for the syntax group under cursor

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created by
Tom Link
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This plugin sets options/variables according to the syntax under the
cursor. It was originally created in response to
and to solve a similar problem. While this plugin solves that other
related problem it doesn't seem to work properly for tex files.


g:setsyntax_options            (default: {})
    This variable is a dictionary of dictionaries of dictionaries.
      let g:setsyntax_options['tex'] = {'^texMathZone': {'&l:tw': 0}}

:SetSyntax SYNTAX,... VAR VALUE ...
:SetSyntax /REGEXP/ VAR VALUE ...
    Set syntax-specific options for the current buffer. When using a
    REGEXP, the syntax names have to be already defined, i.e. you can use
    the REGEXP only after the syntax file was loaded.
    VAR must be a variable name (see |:let| and |:let-&| for details).
    I.e., if you want to set a option, e.g. spelllang, don't use

        SetSyntax /^texMath/ spelllang ""

    but instead use:

      SetSyntax /^texMath/ &l:spelllang ""
    VALUE actually is an expression that will be evaluated when setting
    the variable.
    NOTE: Blanks in VALUE must be escaped with a backslash. See the help
    page on <f-args> for details.

install details
Edit the vba file and type: >

    :so %

See :help vimball for details. If you have difficulties or use vim 7.0,
please make sure, you have the current version of vimball (vimscript
#1502) installed.

This script requires hookcursormoved (vimscript #2037) and tlib
(vimscript #1863) to be installed.

Also available via git

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
setsyntax.vba.gz 0.3 2007-11-21 7.0 Tom Link - SetSyntax command
- Require tlib >= 0.21, hookcursormoved >= 0.7
- Look-up should be slightly faster now
setsyntax.vba.gz 0.2 2007-11-18 7.0 Tom Link - Defined viki regions
setsyntax.vba.gz 0.1 2007-11-18 7.0 Tom Link Initial upload
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