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tcalc : A small ruby-based RPN-calculator

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Tom Link
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It turns out that ruby is pretty good at maths and deals well with
complex or rational numbers etc. Anyway, in certain occasions a postfix
syntax and a stack are better suited for calculations than ruby's infix
syntax. So, here comes ...

    A small ruby-based[*] RPN-calculator, a simple ASCII function
    plotter, and stack-based playground :-).

The tcalc.rb script can also be used as a stand-alone calculator (with
optional support for curses and readline). Run "tcalc --help" for
information on the command-line options.

    - Numbers (anything that starts with "-" or a decimal)
    - Strings (anything that matches /^"(.*?)"$/)
        - Be aware that the strings and numbers get evaluated by ruby.
          You can thus execute ruby code by input like: -1;p'foo'
    - Methods & constants of the following classes are available:
        Float    :: http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Float.html
        Complex  :: http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Complex.html
        Rational :: http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Rational.html
        Integer  :: http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Integer.html
        Matrix   :: http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Matrix.html
        Vector   :: http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Vector.html
        Math     :: http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Math.html
    - #N (pull the item at position N to the top)
        - If COUNT is "#", the top element will be used.
    - Enter, escape => exit

Tokens are separated by blanks ( la forth). The blanks between the
words thus are significant.
install details
As VIM-plugin:
Extract the archive's contents to ~/vimfiles (or ~/.vim).

Stand-alone ruby script:
Copy the file ruby/tcalc.rb to your path (you could also rename it to

Also available via git

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tcalc.vba 0.13 2011-05-26 7.0 Tom Link - help command (not really useful yet)
- help (not really useful yet)
- ruby 1.8 compatibility
- FIX: help command
- Interpret .[0-9]+ as float (suggested by John Orr)
- .gitignore
MD5 checksum: b2f2bf21e1fe9cb0bdc612a7cb973621
tcalc.zip 0.11 2007-12-05 7.0 Tom Link - New words: all?, any?, array_*, and, or, !=
- Curses frontend: Show possible completions; map 127 to backspace, F1
to 'ls'; improved handling of cursor keys etc.
- Debugger (sort of)
- FIX: Nested blocks & more
tcalc.zip 0.10 2007-11-30 7.0 Tom Link - rm,* ... Remove all words
- If g:tcalc_lines < 0, use fixed window height.
- VIM: use the tcalc window to display plots, lists etc.
- FIX: Nested words and some more
tcalc.zip 0.9 2007-11-28 7.0 Tom Link - FIX: Curses frontend: Display error messages properly
- FIX: readline support.
- FIX: sort words on completion
- Distribute as zip
tcalc.vba.gz 0.8 2007-11-27 7.0 Tom Link - Named arguments: args is a synonym for assert but provides for named
- New words: Sequence/seq, map, mmap, plot (a simple ASCII function
plotter), stack_size, stack_empty?, iqueue_size, iqueue_empty?
- Syntactic sugar for assignments: VALUE -> VAR
- Defined "Array" as a synonym for "group"
- "define" command as alternative to the forth-like syntax for defining
- Dynamic binding of words/variables (the words "begin ... end"
establish a new scope)
- The stack, the input queue, and the dictionary are accessible like
words (__STACK__, __IQUEUE__, __WORDS__)
- TCalc and tcalc#Calculator take initial tokens as argument.
- TCalc! with [!] will reset the stack & input queue.
- Completion of partial commands
- Readline-support for CLI mode (--no-curses).
- Simple key handling for the curses-based frontend
- Non-VIM-versons save the history in ~/.tcalc/history.txt
- #VAR,METHOD has slightly changed.
- TCalc syntax file.
- FIX: Command line completion
tcalc.vba.gz 0.7 2007-10-29 7.0 Tom Link - Comments: /* ... */
- New words:
    - assert: Display an error message if the stack doesn't match the
    - validate: Like assert but push a boolean (the result of the check)
    on the stack.
    - do: synonym for recapture.
    - source: load a file (see also g:tcalc_dir)
    - require: load a ruby library
    - p: print an object (doesn't do much, but prettyprint seems
    to have problems)
    - history (useful when using tcalc as stand-alone calculator)
- tcalc.rb can now be used as stand-alone program (a simple
curses-based frontend).
tcalc.vba.gz 0.6 2007-10-26 7.0 Tom Link - Included support for rational and complex numbers
- Included matrix support
- Syntax for pushing arrays [ a b c ... ]
- New "at" method to select an item from array-like objects
- Removed shortcut variables.
tcalc.vba.gz 0.5 2007-10-12 7.0 Tom Link - Minor fix: command regexp
tcalc.vba.gz 0.4 2007-10-08 7.0 Tom Link - COUNT can be "#", in which case the top number on the stack will be
used (e.g. "3 dup3" is the same as "3 3 dup#")
- Disabled vars, (, ) commands
- Variables are words
- New words can be defined in a forth-like manner ":NAME ... ;"
- Built-in commands get evaluated before any methods.
- Messages can be sent to objects on the stack by "#N,METHOD", e.g. "1 2
g2 3 #1,<<" yields "[1,2,3]"
- The copyN, cN command now means: push a copy of element N.
- ( ... ) push unprocessed tokens as array
- recapture command (feed an array of unprocessed tokens to the input
- if, ifelse commands
- delN, deleteN commands
- Can push strings ("foo bar")
- "Symbols" la 'foo (actually a string)
tcalc.vba.gz 0.3 2007-10-07 7.0 Tom Link - The swap count argument is increased by one (for conformance with the
rot command).
- Shortcuts are now RPN expression (elements at the stack can be
referred to by # (= top element) or #N).
- Removed g:tcalc_reverse_display
- Positions on the stack can be referred to by #N.
- rot works the other way round
- d, dup command
- clear command
- print, hex, HEX, oct, dec, bin, float, format commands
- Removed dependency on tlib
- Variables; ls, vars, let, =, rm commands
- Command line completion for variables and commands
tcalc.vba.gz 0.2 2007-10-07 7.0 Tom Link - Arguments were (not properly) reverted: 12 4 / now yields 3.
- The input will be split into tokens, i.e. you can input "1 2 + <cr>"
or "1<cr>2<cr>+<cr>". (Command-line completions doesn't work properly
- The syntax has slightly changed: "CmdCount,Arg", eg, "y3,a"
tcalc.vba.gz 0.1 2007-10-07 7.0 Tom Link Initial upload
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