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ttagecho : Show current tag information

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created by
Tom Link
script type
This plugin is similar to echofunc (vimscript #1735) to which it owes
much inspiration and two lines of code. echofunc is probably also better

It displays some information about the tag under the cursor or mouse
pointer either in the echo area or as balloon help (see
|g:ttagecho_balloon_patterns|). If there are more than one tags that
match, you can loop through the tags by invoking the respective commands

If hookcursormoved (vimscript #2037, version >= 0.4) is installed, for
certain filetypes (see |g:ttagecho_parentheses_patterns|) it will
display the information in the echo area also if the cursor moves over a
round parenthesis.

If you don't like the default format for the tags, you can define the
function TTagechoFormat_{&filetype}(a:tag) that should return some nicely
formatted information.
install details
Edit the vba file and type: >

    :so %

See :help vimball for details. If you have difficulties or use vim 7.0,
please make sure, you have the current version of vimball (vimscript
#1502) installed.

Suggested maps (to be set in ~/.vimrc): >
    noremap <Leader>g+ :TTagechoWord<cr>
    noremap <Leader>g* :TTagechoWord!<cr>
    noremap <Leader>g? :TTagechoWords!<cr>

Suggested enhancement:
    hookcursormoved (vimscript #2037)

Also available via git

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
ttagecho.vba.gz 0.6 2009-10-18 7.0 Tom Link - NEW: g:ttagecho_char_rx: custom keyword char regexp
- Always use compact style when there is only one tag that matches and if many_lines < 0
- Find the right keyword, when the current line contains more than one
ttagecho.vba.gz 0.5 2008-10-05 7.0 Tom Link - Make sure tlib is loaded even if it is installed in a different rtp-directory (thanks to ... sorry, cannot find the e-mail)
- Use tlib#notify#TrimMessage() (thanks to Erik Falor)
ttagecho.vba.gz 0.4 2007-11-21 7.0 Tom Link - Adapt for hookcursormoved >= 0.7
ttagecho.vba.gz 0.3 2007-11-12 7.0 Tom Link - Customize display: g:ttagecho_tagwidth
- g:ttagecho_matchbeginning
- Check for has('balloon_eval')
- Restore showmode only on InsertLeave events (not on CursorHold(I) events).
- Check only opening parentheses (require hookcursormoved 0.5)
- Use [bg]:tlib_tags_extra if defined.
- Require tlib >= 0.20
- g:ttagecho_substitute became g:tlib_tag_substitute
- Removed support for: [bg]:ttagecho_more_tags (use [bg]:tlib_tags_extra
ttagecho.vba.gz 0.1 2007-10-29 7.0 Tom Link Initial upload
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