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tmboxbrowser : A mbox browser -- Read your e-mails with vim

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Tom Link
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mbox is a widely used format to store e-mails. Thunderbird uses it too.

    - Show an index of e-mails contained in a mbox file
    - Mark e-mails as read and don't show them again in the index
    - View e-mails
        - display single parts of a multipart message
        - decode quoted printables
        - filter html mails through an external program; in the default
          setup, this requires "w3m" (g:tmboxbrowser_convert_html)
        - view base64 encoded attachments; this also requires "base64"
          (g:tmboxbrowser_convert_base64) to be installed
            - if viki (vimscript #861) is installed, use
            - otherwise the file will be opened with

:TMBoxBrowser[!] [FILE]
    Open a index list with the e-mails in the currently opened mbox.
    With [!], read items are displayed too. In this mode, no e-mails are
    marked as read.
    If [FILE] is given, the file is (newly) edited.
    I.e. if you open a mbox, mark all items as read and then want to
    browse the file again, you'll have to type>

        :TMBoxBrowser! %

    Alternatively, press <c-t> in the list view to show/hide read mails.

    Show a list of mbox files (as defined in g:tmboxbrowser_path).
    Open a mbox & call :TMBoxBrowser.

Key maps
These are effective in the __MBOX_Browser__ window:

    i        ... Display the index list (in gvim, you can also use <esc>)
    p        ... Select parts or re-view mail
    q        ... Quit the browser
    ?        ... Help
    <space>  ... Page down
    <bs>     ... Page up
install details
After installation:
    0. Check the values of:
        - g:tmboxbrowser_attachments_dir
        - g:tmboxbrowser_datadir
        - g:tmboxbrowser_path
    1. Open an mbox file
    2. Type :TMboxBrowser<cr>

    tlib (vimscript#1863) is required.

Also available via git

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tmboxbrowser.vba.gz 0.3 2007-07-18 7.0 Tom Link - Require tlib 0.10
- FIX: Problem with scratch related functions
tmboxbrowser.vba.gz 0.2 2007-07-17 7.0 Tom Link - Show all mails if there are no unread mails.
- Require tlib 0.9
tmboxbrowser.vba.gz 0.1 2007-05-23 7.0 Tom Link Initial upload
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