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tmru : Most Recently Used Files

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created by
Tom Link
script type
This plugin allows users to open recently used files. Users can filter
the file list by typing a pattern. Users can open multiple files at
once. The list of recently used files is synchronized across multiple
instances of (g)vim running simultaneously.

By default, tmru will remember 500 files (accessible via the
:TRecentlyUsedFiles command). The list can be easily filtered (users
can optionally use fuzzy patterns, which is not enabled by default though).

Files can be groups in sessions:

     - Use named sessions to group files that are frequently edited together
     - Use numbered sessions to open files you edited during one of the latest editing sessions

Files can be marked as "sticky" -- they will never be removed from the list.


:TRecentlyUsedFiles ... open one or more recently used file(s)
:TRecentlyUsedFilesEdit ... edit the mru list
install details
Edit the vba file and type: >

    :so %

See :help vimball for details. If you have difficulties or use vim 7.0,
please make sure, you have the current version of vimball
(vimscript #1502) installed or update your runtime.

tlib (vimscript #1863) is required.

Suggested keymaps (put something like this into ~/.vimrc):

    noremap <m-r> :TRecentlyUsedFiles<cr>

In order to disable the sub-menu, set g:tmruMenu to "" in your vimrc file.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tmru.vba 1.03 2014-07-10 7.0 Tom Link - Set the initial index in the list view to the first non-sticky file
- FIX #37: Clarfiy doc of g:tmru#display_relative_filename
- Exclude files on truecrypt volumes (linux)
- Always enable save on exit
- FIX #40: Insert files at the right position; sort list only on exit
MD5 checksum: 89f6d47aa31a9df4022bc3e78f887fec
tmru.vba 1.02 2014-01-17 7.0 Tom Link   - repackaged  
  - addon-info
  - Use cwd as base directory for relative filenames (fixes #30)
  - Enable configuration via g:tmru_world (fixes #31)
  - FIX for previous commit
  - Make automatic removal on non-existing files configurable & consistent: g:tmru#auto_remove_unreadable (fixes #32)
  - Only use `:drop` with GUI enabled
  - Support for b:tmru_world
  - Support for g:tmru_select_filter (and b:tmru_select_filter) (fixes #34)
  - Support for named sessions (requires tlib 1.06)
  - Help template
  - Don't call buflisted() on all files in the tmru list (fixes #36)
  - s:SetSessions(): Use (bufexists(filename) && buflisted(filename)
  - Really call buflisted() only for vim buffers (fixes #36)
  - g:tmru#sessions_len: Trim list of numbered sessions
  - g:tmru#set_filename_indicators
  MD5 checksum: f526a3b4c97827e0c51388a916b2f4aa
tmru.vba 1.00 2012-12-13 7.0 Tom Link - Use tlib#persistent
- Error when the list of recently used files was empty
- Handle multiple running instances of vim (fixes #23)
- s:MruRetrieve(...): call tlib#persistent#Get() only once
- TMRU: Alias for |:TRecentlyUsedFiles|.
- Removed support for metadata (which was broken anyway)
- on edit ignore swap file exists error + use v:exception for other errors
- Set g:tmruSize dependent on whether viminfo is used
- File properties again (only if viminfo is not used)
- Mark files as persistent/sticky (i.e. the won't be removed from the list)
- Fix problem on windows (val -> v:val)
- Normalize filenames when registering a buffer; minor improvements
- Improved synchronization of mru lists across multiple instances of vim (fixes #26)
- Mark sticky filenames with "s"
- g:tmru_drop
- Renamed g:tmru_single_child_mode to g:tmru_single_instance_mode
- Filename indicators (s for sticky files; requires tlib 1.04)
- Name buffer __TMRU__
- s:SelectMRU(): Don't use s:FindIndex() and make sure to use the currect mru list (fixes #27)
- Make sure to save the file list when removing outdated files
- Make sure to save the mru list when it has been modified upon the user's request
- Re-introduced :TRecentlyUsedFilesSessions command.
- Code reorganization
- Fix use of relative filenames (closes #29)
- Don't simply record a file's latest session but every session it was in
- g:tmru_sessions = 9
- Make sure to register file's that are already opened when tmru is loaded
MD5 checksum: 82ed5a7b285c6ca1ec7bd0a2d5795039
tmru.vba 0.10 2012-01-27 7.0 Tom Link - .gitignore
- Don't check for has('vim_starting')
- EditMRU(): Save the new, not the old list
- Fix g:tmruExclude default for '+shellslash'.
- Attempt at canonical filenames on Windows.
- Merge branch 'canonical'
- tmruExclude, s:PS: use temporary script-local variable
- Also exclude *.tmp and COMMIT_EDITMSG (suggested by blueyed)
- Ignore `git-rebase-todo` and `quickfix` by default.
- Make filename relative to home dir.
- Fix CheckFilenames.
- Expand() filename in CanonicalizeFilename for "~".
- Optimize performace with MruRetrieve.
- Deactivate `:~` modification; performance reasons.
- Use `substitute` instead of `fnamemodify`.
- s:MruRetrieve(): Use single quotes
- Do not split &suffixes on escaped comma.
- Remove duplicates in CheckFilenames.
- Use unlet() instead of keys() to remove dupes.
- Exclude 'fugitive:' files by default.
- Fix g:tmruExclude default pattern.
- Normalization of entries in CheckFilenames.
- g:tmruEvents is a dictionary now (was a string)
- Some optimizations with respect to when the list should be saved
- Experimental: Maintain some metadata
- :TMRUSession command
- Undo some over-engineering :-), fixes #14
- s:CheckFilenames(): Also remove metadata when removing a dupe
- Fix setup of g:TMRU_METADATA; undefined "mru".
- s:MruRegister(): also remove metadata when removing an item
- disabled sessions
- Moved function s:MruRegister()
- Added BufDelete to g:tmruEvents
- s:AutoMRU() takes event argument
- g:tmru_debug
- g:tmru_check_disk (fixes #20)
- tmru#DisplayUnreadableFiles(mru)
MD5 checksum: 7c61e5342a1551f30a2d61fd7dd4965e
tmru.vba 0.9 2010-11-01 7.0 Tom Link Please see http://github.com/tomtom/tmru_vim/commits/master/
checksum: 0b6a19a9e793340f26616209e058606e
tmru.vba.gz 0.7 2009-03-11 7.0 Tom Link If viminfo doesn't include '!', then use tlib#cache to save the file list.
tmru.vba.gz 0.6 2008-12-02 7.0 Tom Link - g:tmruEvents can be configured (eg. BufEnter)
- Require tlib 0.28
tmru.vim 0.5 2007-10-12 7.0 Tom Link - Don't escape backslashes for :edit
tmru.vim 0.4 2007-09-11 7.0 Tom Link - <c-w> ... View file in original window
- <c-i> ... Show file info
- <c-t> ... Show in tab
- Require tlib >= 0.13
tmru.vim 0.3 2007-07-17 7.0 Tom Link - Autocmds use expand('%') instead of expand('<afile>')
- Build menu (if the prefix g:tmruMenu isn't empty)
- Key shortcuts to open files in (vertically) split windows or tabs
- Require tlib >= 0.9
tmru.vim 0.2 2007-05-15 7.0 Tom Link - :TRecentlyUsedFilesEdit
- Don't register nofile buffers or buffers with no filename.
- <c-c> copy file name(s) (to @*)
- When !has('fname_case'), ignore case when checking if a filename is
already registered.
tmru.vim 0.1 2007-04-18 7.0 Tom Link Initial upload
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