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EvalSelection.vim : evaluate selected code (vim, bash, ruby, python, perl, (mz)scheme, tcl, R, SPSS)

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created by
Tom Link
script type
Evaluate source code selected in a visual region. The result can be displayed
in an interaction log, appended to the text, replace the text, or saved in the
@e register. This is useful for performing small text manipulation tasks or
calculations that aren't worth the trouble of creating a new file or switching
to a different program, but which are too big for being handled in the command

The key bindings follow this scheme:

    <Leader>e{LANGUAGE}{MODE} :: work on the visual region
    <Leader>E{LANGUAGE}{MODE} :: work on the contents of the e-register
    <Leader>x{MODE}           :: work on the visual region (derives LANGUAGE
                                 from the buffer's 'filetype')

LANGUAGE being one of:

    v :: vim (comments at the end of line after vim code could cause problems)
    r :: ruby (requires compiled-in ruby support)
    s :: sh (using system())
    e :: calculator, evaluate formula (using either ruby, python, perl, tcl,
         or vim)

I haven't actually tested the following three bindings because I use
neither of them. Anyway, as I happen to use a Vim with +tcl, +python and
+perl support compiled in, I added them to the standard bindings:

    y :: python (requires compiled-in python support)
    p :: perl (requires compiled-in perl support)
    t :: tcl (requires compiled-in tcl support)
    z :: mzscheme (requires compiled-in mzscheme support)

If ruby-support is compiled in, the following languages are available too
(but see |EvalSelection-Interaction| below):
    c :: scheme
        set g:evalSelectionSchemeInterpreter to "Gauche" or "Chicken"
    l :: lisp
        set g:evalSelectionLispInterpreter to "CLisp"
    o :: ocaml
        set g:evalSelectionOCamlInterpreter to "OCaml" or "OCamlClean"
    R :: R
        set g:evalSelectionRInterpreter "R", "RClean", or "RDCOM"
    S :: SPSS
        limited support (no return values), the (one-way) communication with
        SPSS is done via OLE automation

MODE being one of:

    x :: just evaluate and put the result in the e-register
    e :: the same as x
    p :: echo/print the result on the command line
    a :: append the result to visual region
    r :: replace visual region with the result
    l :: insert the result in a temporary interaction log


    EvalSelectionCmdLine LANG :: Simulate a command line for LANG; due to the
    primitive handling of input/output, no input commands (like read, get kind
    of stuff) can be used; all output is redirected to the log. Exit with ^D +
    Enter, i.e. enter the ^D character.

    EvalSelectionSetup{LANG}  :: Set up interaction with external interpreter
    (but see below)

    EvalSelectionQuit INTERPRETER :: Quit interaction with an
    external interpreter
install details
Requires multvals.vim (vimscript #171), +ruby (for interaction with an interpreter)

If you have +ruby support compiled in and if you want to talk to an external interpreter, make sure that g:evalSelectionRubyDir points to the directory where EvalSelection.rb resides. Default values are:

    Win32: $VIM."/vimfiles/ruby/"
    Else:  "~/.vim/ruby/"

Also available via git

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
EvalSelection.vba.gz 0.16 2007-06-08 7.0 Tom Link - MzScheme support (thanks to Mark Smithfield)
- Catch errors on EvalSelectionQuit (you'll have to manually kill zombie
EvalSelection.vba.gz 0.15 2007-05-14 7.0 Tom Link - Escape backslashes in EvalSelectionTalk()
- SPSS: Insert a space before variable names (like SPSS itself)
EvalSelection.zip 0.14 2005-06-14 6.0 Tom Link Fixed some menu-related problems; <LocalLeader>r shortkey for SPSS  andR (work similarly to ctrl-r in the spss editor); display a more usefulerror message when communication via OLE goes wrong; possibility to savethe interaction log; post setup & tear down hooks for externalinterpreters
EvalSelection.zip 0.13 2005-02-16 6.0 Tom Link R: set working directory and load .Rdata if available, word completion, catch errors, build objects menu; SPSS: show data window, build menu; g:evalSelectionLogCommands defaults to 1; revamped log
EvalSelection.zip 0.10 2005-02-13 6.0 Tom Link capture interaction with R via R(D)COM; "RDCOM" uses a 2nd instance of gvim as a pager (it doesn't start RCmdr any more); "RDCOM Commander" uses RCmdr; "RDCOM Clean" and "RDCOM Commander Clean" modes; take care of R functions with void results (like data, help.search ...)
EvalSelection.zip 0.9 2005-02-12 6.0 Tom Link support for interaction with R and SPSS via win32 COM/OLE; calculator shortcuts
EvalSelection.zip 0.8 2004-05-06 6.0 Tom Link improved interaction with external interpreters (still not fully usable but it's getting better); reunified EvalSelection.vim and EvalSelectionRuby.vim
EvalSelection.zip 0.7 2004-05-03 6.0 Tom Link Small improvements with external interpreters (e.g., multi-line commands in R); moved code depending on +ruby to EvalSelectionRuby.vim (thanks to Grant  Bowman for pointing out this problem); saved all files in unix  format; added python, perl, and tcl (but I can't tell if they work)
EvalSelection.vim 0.6 2004-03-09 6.0 Tom Link Use of redir; EvalSelectionCmdLine (CLI-like interaction); interaction with external interpreter (lisp, scheme, R, ocaml; experimental & requires +ruby support); separated logs; removed bc support
EvalSelection.vim 0.382 2004-01-31 6.0 Tom Link l-Mode for logging
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