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indentfolds : Indentation-level based folds with a twist

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Tom Link
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When I write a longer text, I tend to use a top-down approach. I begin
with writing down the headings. I then outline each section. Next, I write
down keywords for each paragraph etc. At each step, I increase the
indentation level (multiples of 'shiftwidth', see also 'fold-indent').

This plugin help maintaining an overview of the document by setting a
paragraph's 'foldlevel' based on its indentation level -- see
|:Indentfolds|. Other than vim's own 'fold-indent' method, any
indentation level can be assigned as the top fold level. E.g. text with
a prefix of 16 whitespace characters can be defined as level 1, 8 and 24
whitespace characters would then be at level 2 etc. By setting foldlevel=1,
only text at that indentation level is displayed.

This plugin also provides a helper-command to comment out or delete all
lines at higher fold levels -- see |:IndentfoldsComment|.

Users can also use key maps (default: <tab>, <s-tab>) to cycle through
indentation levels.
install details
In order to install the vba, open the vba file in VIM and type: >

    :so %

See :help vimball for details.

Also available via git: http://github.com/tomtom/indentfolds_vim/

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indentfolds.vba 0.1 2011-10-21 7.0 Tom Link Initial upload
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