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Windows PowerShell Syntax Plugin : Syntax coloring, indenting and filetype detection for Windows PowerShell

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created by
Peter Provost
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This plugin provides Vim syntax, indent and filetype detection for WindowsPowerShell.

For bugs, suggestions or changes, please use the GitHub site:

install details
Extract the contents of the zip file into your ~/.vim (or ~/vimfiles on Windows) folder. If using pathogen, extract into your bundle folder.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-ps1.zip 2.9 2012-03-08 7.0 Peter Provost Added Tomas Restrepo's changed for better booleans, constants, quoted expressions, help tags
vim-ps1.zip 2.81 2012-03-06 7.0 Peter Provost Fixed minor type that prevented loading.
vim-ps1.zip 2.8 2012-03-05 7.0 Peter Provost Better number scanning, multiline comments, missing keywords and constants
ps1.vim 2.7 2008-09-22 6.0 Peter Provost Added Heath Stewart's changes:
1. Added begin, process, and end keywords for script blocks
2. Make foreach and where highlight when used as foreach-object and where-object
ps1.vim 2.6 2007-03-05 6.0 Peter Provost Added missing unary -not operator
ps1.vim 2.5 2007-03-03 6.0 Peter Provost Updates for Here-Strings, comment todos and other small cleanups.
ps1.vim 2.4 2007-03-02 6.0 Peter Provost Added missing keyword: elseif
ps1.vim 2.3 2007-02-27 6.0 Peter Provost Added missing 'param' keyword.
ps1.vim 2.2 2007-02-19 6.0 Peter Provost Minor updates for missing keywords.
ps1.vim 2.1 2006-07-31 7.0 Peter Provost Updated to support PowerShell renaming.
msh.vim 2.0 2005-12-21 6.0 Peter Provost Many great updates provided by Jared Parsons. Thanks Jared!
msh.vim 1.3 2005-12-20 6.0 Peter Provost Minor updates to some syntactic elements.
msh.vim 1.2 2005-08-13 6.0 Peter Provost Updated to fix a problem with foreach and while
msh.vim 1.1 2005-08-12 6.0 Peter Provost Initial upload
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