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VST : Vim reStructured Text

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created by
Mikolaj Machowski
script type
Requires Vim7.

VST is script which makes possible to export text files with simple markup to HTML or LaTeX format or S5 HTML presentation. Script doesn't require any external dependency and will work on any platform Vim7 is available. VST is implementation of reStructuredText.

Supported elements of inline markup:

- emphasised text (italic)
- strongly emphasised text (bold)
- hyperlinks (in various syntax forms)
- custom decorations (among them: sub, sup, big, small)

Elements of documents structure:

- paragraphs
- block quotes
- ordered lists
- unordered lists
- option lists
- footnotes
- citations
- images
- preformatted text
- colorized preformatted text (HTML export only)
- tables
- admonitions
- table of contents

Also bunch of auxiliary commands which should ease writing of document and navigating (folding, text table of contents, lists or declared links, replacements)

Latest version of script:

Help file in text form:

Following versions of help file was produced without any modifications to HTML or LaTeX source:


LaTeX file exported from vst.txt:

PDF file produced from vst.tex:
install details
Unzip vst.zip from level of ~/.vim. It contains data files and documentation in doc2 directory.
To use just do :source vst.vim and for default HTML export do
Short help about script
:Vst help

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script versions (upload new version)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vst.zip 1.4 2006-11-04 7.0 Mikolaj Machowski - FIX: Vst link broken
- FIX: & in URLs double encoded
- FIX: broken chained links with uppercase letters
vst.zip 1.3 2006-10-31 7.0 Mikolaj Machowski   - ADD: show number of directive line and percentage position in file for
    easier navigation when folding by directive
  - ADD: proper encryption of URIs (amp, percentage)
  - ADD: make preproc auxiliary command recursive
  - ADD: fold according to level of headers: fold1, fold2, etc.
  - ADD: recursive folding: foldr
  - ADD: [LaTeX] containers as ghost commands
  - ADD: [LaTeX] Generator line (debug purposes)
  - CHG: make folding by directive more flexible
  - CHG: improve layout of fold texts with centered titles
  - CHG: improve layout of text table of contents with centered titles
  - CHG: level of recursiveness is now &maxfuncdepth/2 (50 should be enough
    for everybody!)
  - CHG: [HTML] when source are lists starting from no-one use transitional
    doctype, otherwise strict
  - CHG: [HTML] "Downgrade" to HTML 4.01 (no sense to use XHTML doctype when
    using content text/html)
  - FIX: length of ornaments inserted with <C-B>o
  - FIX: show output of auxiliary commands depending on table
  - FIX: presence of apostrophes in section titles could cause problems in folding
  - FIX: internal links in fancy formatted text could be broken
  - FIX: unnecessary creation of targets from links broken in several lines
  - FIX: minor fixes in docs
  - FIX: optimizations, 10-15% speed gains
  - FIX: [LaTeX] too much whitespace at the end of footnotes
  - FIX: [LaTeX] internal links work again
  - FIX: [S5] uploaded CSS files for web page to make presentation work (sorry
vst.zip 1.2 2006-10-13 7.0 Mikolaj Machowski   - ADD: <C-B>o auxiliary mapping for ornaments
  - ADD: section numbers in fold auxiliary command
  - ADD: section numbers in toc auxiliary command
  - ADD: [LaTeX] raw directive accepts tex, not only latex argument
  - CHG: don't look for including commands in auxiliary commands - massive
    speed gains
  - CHG: [LaTeX] change default font size for 12pt
  - FIX: [HTML] all styles from multiple 2html directives are in <head>
  - FIX: [HTML] @ in 2html directive was breaking syntax highlighting
  - FIX: [HTML] restore validity of generated documents
  - FIX: [LaTeX] bug with _ in filenames in raw latex file option
  - FIX: many minor bugs
vst.zip 1.1 2006-07-23 7.0 Mikolaj Machowski   - ADD: support for ltrim, rtrim, trim for regular replacement
  - CHG: `including commands`_ are working recursively now
  - FIX: wrong indentation of included files
  - FIX: problems with backslash as last character in line
  - FIX: minor fixes in docs
  - FIX: [pdf] incorrect call of cursor function
vst.zip 1.0 2006-07-01 7.0 Mikolaj Machowski Tons of imrovements and bugfixes from last vim-online release. Finally stable 1.0 because of final Vim7. Enjoy!
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