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Script Contributions

LaTeX Help Help for LaTeX in vim.help format
UserMenu.vim (gvim) Menu for inserting longer pieces of text
PHPcollection PHP Collection contains: compiler, ftplugin, script for K key, dicts
Expmod explorer.vim modification for viewing files and relative path
VimFootnotes Insert various types of footnotes with Vim.
TTCoach Utility to train touch typing skills
RTF 1.6 Spec in Vim Help Format Specification of RTF in easy and fast Vim help format.
CSS 2.1 Specification CSS 2.1 Specification in Vim help format
StyleChecker (+perl) Tool for finding and highlighting repeated words in file
VHT Vim HTML Templates
VUT Vim Universal Templates
XHTML 1.0-strict help file Help file for XHTML 1.0 Strict
VST Vim reStructured Text
colors Functions to manipulate color values (vim7).
dtd2vim Script for creation XML data file for Vim7 XML omni-completion from DTDs
docbook44 DocBook 4.4 vim7 xml data file
Ant Ant vim7 xml data file
XHTML 1.0 Strict vim7 xml data file vim7 xml data file
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