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TTCoach : Utility to train touch typing skills

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created by
Mikolaj Machowski
script type
Detailed help in ttcoach.txt.
Install :help add-local-help

This plugin is very similar to to other touch type training programs and provide simple statistics (chars per minute, time, faults, faults per key and finger)
install details
       Unpack ttcoach.zip file in your .vim or vimfiles directory. It will create
       ttcoach directory with some files in it.
       They should be:
           macros/ttcoach.vim - this file
           files for training in macros/ttcoach directory

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
ttcoach.zip 1.2 2004-02-09 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski Basic support for utf-8 &encoding - en and de work, pl and fr are broken.
ttcoach.zip 1.1 2004-02-01 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski Major bugfixes (especially for Windows).
ttcoach.zip 1.0 2004-01-31 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski - highlight bugs, not ":sleep"
- goals system
- two new exercise files with Vim exercises: colon and sqbrackets
- fixed bug with multiple keyboards attached
- many small bugfixes
- Show only ttc files in Explorer commands
- Save statistics always with generation - it will free one F-key
- Add ! to all :normal commands
- TTCustom works on copies, not original files. Shi^W:wq happens
- improvements in editing custom files
- Menus
- Give possibility to save Custom files in separate dir
ttcoach.zip 0.9 2003-10-08 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski - drill: new exercise for Vim Normal mode commands
- name of layout, exercise and accuracy in statusline
- most important Fx shortcuts in statusline
- add words per minute statistics
- improved handling of small_help window
- automatic highlighting with i,I commands (no need for F4)
- remove blank lines in TTCustom files
- silencing of preparation commands
ttcoach.zip 0.8 2003-09-12 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski Vim TTCoach v. 0.8

New exercises:

New command:
    TTCustom - more in help file

New shortcut:
    F1 - short help

Removed few bugs and moved ttcoach.vim to macros/ttcoach. Now only two
places to remove if you don't want to use TTCoach any longer :(
Please remove old version of TTCoach before installing this one.
ttcoach.zip 0.7.1 2002-11-12 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski bug fix release: incorrect variables in ttc_plug_en.vim
ttcoach.zip 0.7 2002-11-12 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski - ttcoach.vim is now layout independent; really improved F3 mapping; better use of :TTexplore command
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