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VHT : Vim HTML Templates

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created by
Mikolaj Machowski
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VHT is Vim implementation of Macromedia Dreamweaver(tm) templates and libraries. Templates make possible to share the same document template across whole project, libraries allow for sharing the same snippet of code in many documents. This plugin makes possible to commit and update code from repositories and take care about file paths in links and image tags, always changing them to be relative to currently edited file.

VHT doesn't provide immediate way to propagate changes across whole site. There is too many ways to maintain project in Vim. From session files, through project plugins from vim-online to simple file with list of files and opening it with "vim `cat fileslist`".

All commands work nice with :argdo, :windo, :bufdo set of commands.
But you have previously set b:vhtemplate for each file.
install details
Put vht.vim into your .vim/ftplugin/html/ directory

About installation of help file read :help add-local-help

For new version checking you can use GetLatestVimScripts script.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vht.zip 1.4 2004-08-25 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski - fixed: don't require taglist for working
- added: VHLstrip, VHTstrip commands for removing tags
- added: VHLinsert, VHTinsert commands to insert library/editable region
- added: adding .vhl extension to library names when
user forgot about it
- added: silent unnecessary error messages during
VHTcommit - everything is working, Vim is overcautious
- added: GLVS AutoInstall compatible
- remove unnecessary function calls - replace with variable
vht.zip 1.3 2004-06-21 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski Bugfix release (serious one):
- Fixed support for window.open() JS
- Fixed adding multiple definitions to Tlist_Ctags_Cmd when editing
  multiple html files.
vht.zip 1.2 2004-06-07 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski Major enhancements:
- real support for Vim6.0 - get rid of cursor() function
- support for window.open JS method
- support for taglist.vim - it is possible to navigate in files using
  not only standard ctags locations like anchors and js functions but
  also editable regions and used libraries.
- security check for format of regions' names, also available as new
  command :VHTcheck
vht.zip 1.1 2004-05-19 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski Major enhancements:
- support for links in url() - CSS and location - JS contexts
- unification of functions for parsing links
- before messing with links check if file exists: prevents unpredictable
  Vim behaviour when file doesn't exists
- two new commands:
VHTshow - show currently assigned template and all available in
VHLshow - show all available libraries in project
vht.zip 1.0 2004-05-16 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski Initial upload
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