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VimFootnotes : Insert various types of footnotes with Vim.

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created by
Mikolaj Machowski
script type
Inspired by Emmanuel Touzery tip:
" http://vim.sourceforge.net/tip_view.php?tip_id=332
" and discussion below (thanks to Luc for pluginization hints)
" I added functions and turned it into vim script.

" Commands:
" <Leader>f (in insert mode) - inserts footnotemark, opens at bottom window where
"     footnotemark is also inserted and you are ready to type in your
"     footnotetext.
" <Leader>r (in insert mode) - closes footnote window and returns to the text in
"     proper place.
" You can change them by placing in your vimrc:
"  imap your_map <Plug>AddVimFootnote
"  imap your_map <Plug>ReturnFromFootnote
"    Footnotes are placed at the end of the file but above signature delimiter
"    (is one exists).
" Settings:
" g:vimfootnotetype - possible values:
" arabic (default) - [1] [2] [3] ...
" alpha  - [a] [b] ... [z] [aa] [bb] ... [zz] [a] ...
"   Alpha  - as above but uppercase [A] ...
"   star   - [*] [**] [***] ...
" Additional commands:
" FootnoteNumber:
" You can change current footnote number (one obligatory argument)
"   :FootnoteNumber 5
" FootnoteNumberRestore:
" You can restore old footnote number  
" :FootnoteNumberRestore
" FootnoteUndo:
" Decrease footnote counter by 1
" :FootnoteUndo
" FootnoteMeta:
" Change type of the footnotes and restart counter (1, a, A, *)
" :FootnoteMeta
" If your previous footnote type was alpha, Alpha or star new type will
" be arabic.
" If your previous footnote type was arabic new type will be alpha.
" :FootnoteMeta name_of_the_type
" Change footnote type to name_of_the_type. If name_of_the_type is the
" same as your current footnote type nothing would be changed.
" FootnoteRestore:
" Restore previous footnote type and counter. Unfortunately there is no easy
" way to sort footnotes at the end of file without handmade :!sort on marked
" lines (it doesn't work for 'star' type).
" :FootnoteRestore
" For easier work with this commands I would suggest place this lines in your
" vimrc (they offer very nice competion of Vim commands):
" set laststatus=2
" set wildmode=longest,list
" set wildmenu
" And/or map :FootnoteComs for something you like.
install details
Installation: Drop it to your plugin directory but you can declare your
"      favorite types of footnotes in your ftplugins.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vimfootnotes.vim 0.5 2002-09-30 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski Added: roman and Roman counters
Fixed: various bugs with :FootnoteCommands
vimfootnotes.vim 0.3 2002-09-26 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski Initial upload
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